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Any advice

Hello everybody ... I have a question and I'm hoping one of y'all can help me out
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Hello, welcome. I'm sure many would be willing to chime in and help wherever they can. What might your question be?
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@ emme ..My question.. Duh .. I am going to run out of meds early what do I do ??  
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@ emme I just read my response .. And please forgive my answer with the duh.. Meant duh on my part for not being clear .. Sorry and thanks
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Hi .. I Hv been on oxy 30x4 a day for about past two years last month dr lowered my dose due to some guideline down to oxy 15x4 a day.. Previous I had been in Vicodin 10x4 a day but I moved to another state and had to find another dr.. Let me go way back I am 47 and in a car accident when I was 9 hit by a drunk driver .. So I Hv gone pretty much my whole life in some pain pill .. While I had been talking about a knee replacement with dr's but that surgery was not a option so we moved on to amputation while nope not a good  surgery  too many health risks involved .  So today we are at looking for a doctor that works with people that come back from war with that kind of  Trauma injury similar to mine.. I'm freaked out about being on "oxy" .. And running out of my meds early..
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Hello again. I'm sorry for your pain and a most horrible accident when you we're so young!!! Truly unfortunate. I'm sorry for the pain you experience.
So, it was lowered from 30mg. OxyContin, 4x per day to 15mg OxyContin, 4x per day, correct?
Is it b/c you moved out of state and don't have a doctor urgently, that you're receiving care from now? Is that you're running out of your meds...and you're currently looking for a doctor to further help & approach your situation, w/such a traumatic injury and establish care?
I understand many doctors are "cutting" CP patients doses down..despite the pain. Unfortunately, it's a trend that keeps getting worse....
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Emma80 hi .. No I am established now with a new dr been with him for lil over 2 yrs and he is great.. Especially with my injuries .. He goes beyond trying to help me find my way to a better quality of life.. He lowered my dose because of some ACME thing ... I am concerned cause I know I Hv taken more meds then prescribed and I will b out of meds b4 my appt.. Should I call my dr and talk with him.. Do I go thru the withdrawals ( not wanting to do ) !!
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I would certainly contact your doctor if your meds. are not meeting your pain. However, I would caution you that he may not be ok w/your taking more than rx'd. I can't say that he will/be able to provide you with meds. before your next refill. Did you sign a contract with him? Unfortunately, many CP patients are under medicated/ in sufficiently treated. If you're w/a Dr. whom is willing to treat your pain & is compassionate, make sure you keep him & do so by communicating before you take more than rx'd. He may be "forced" to reduce your medication. Thus, he may not be able to refill early...I'm also not completely aware of your entire situation w/him(pain contract? That clearly states what the agreement he & you make), so I can't say. Have you run out before?  How early will you be running out?
If I were you, I would start spacing out & reducing your doses to adjust the length you need to get to your next refill.
You can certainly contact your Dr., see if you can just get in to see him(appt) asap. But I'd be prepared for him to deny an early refill...It seems Dr's are kind of under the microscope & as I was told, look for any reason to drop a patient (i.e. If you signed a contract & you take more than rx'd, it can  be reason to drop you/no early refill). I don't say this to scare you, I say it to give you great caution so as to avoid any undue stress in near future.
Keep in mind, he may (as you said he was doing so according to a guideline) not be able to change/increase your dose... And you'll have to adjust to what you're rx'd. Many CP patients are not being effectively managed..many not at all, unfortunately. So, if you've a kind, caring, involved in your best care, compassionate Dr.,  do all that you can to keep him. They're hard to come by. I know this all too well right now. It's very hard.
Keep me posted on what you decide to do- but I'd say DEF. at least start spreading those out incase of no early refill/override...just be prepared for the worst, hope for the best I'd say.
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Thank u so much.. I appreciate u taking time and chatting a bit with me about it.. I am very fortunate to Hv found him after my move.. He is very  Jeanette and willing to help me with my trauma .  I'm what I like about him is he is not willing to just let me be with what the doctors said to me he wants to be in the fight with me to help me to find a better way of living . I am still young and Hv not yet giving up the fight and he is willing to fight along side of me.. With that old school dr patient relationship. I don't just feel like a another number. He mentioned he did not want to see me go to pain mgnt because I would just lost in the shuffle and I would continue on the merry go round with the rest in search of relief instead of a dr spending a lil Time with me.. So I do not want to do ANYTHING to jeopardize where I am .. Cause I'm sure u knw how hard it is to get a dr on board with u..I will run out 3 days b4 my appt but if I take one a day il b ok.. Thank u so much for ur time I'll keep u in the loop as to if we amputate or find another way ( cross fingers )
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