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Arm Pain

my arm is in constent pain, hurts to use it when lifting, pushing or pulling,when I do pain shoots through my whole arm, including my shoulder.
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No need to apologize Mary......None whatsoever. We were all new once. :o)

The additional info is helpful. I am sure you know that there are no experts on this forum. Some of us have medical backgrounds of varying degrees but no real experts. :o)

Chronic pain is a difficult journey that can disrupt every aspect of our daily lives...we can relate. I am sorry that you can also.

Have you had an MRI of your cervical and thoracic spine? I would begin my search there. If those are negative I would then request an MRI of your shoulder. Detailed imaging will at least tell you if there is something structural wrong. If they all are negative then I would consider inflammation.

If you have not seen a neurologist and ortho I would consult both. If they can offer you no answers I would then consult a rheumatologist. If you've seen one I'd obtain a second opinion..or even a third if needed. Life is too short to live it with unrelenting and untreated chronic pain.

I don't know in which state you reside. In my home state it is our PCP that treat and prescribe for their chronic pain patients. In the state I am wintering it is only a PMP (Pain Management Physician) that follow and treat Chronic Pain patients. Whom ever you need to consult you deserve to be comfortable, at least until the medical community is able to discover the reason for your pain and resolve it.

What have you done to find solutions? We'll look forward to hearing from you.

Best of luck,
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I'm sorrry but I'm new to this. Pain has been going on since May of 09, It is in my right arm. & shoulder area,and right below my neck, if you put your hand at the base of you neck,  about five fingers down from there that I also have pain. It never goes away. Here lately I can't push with it, it hurts to turn it in a round turning motion when it is extented out to the side. can't lift anything without pain. I think it may have started  when a 30 lb box fell on my left shoulder but I am not sure.

  I hope that this helps.
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Hi Mary,

Welcome to our Pain Management Forum. I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing constant arm pain. Which arm is it?

I don't see an actual question in your post so I won't try to guess what it may be. If you do have a specific question please feel free to ask it. ..... And please provide a bit more info. How long has this been going on? Again, which arm?

This could be a shoulder problem or a spinal structure issue. Did it come on gradually or can you relate it to a specific day or incident?

I'll look forward to hearing from you again.

My Best to You,
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