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Hi everyone.  I've had a lot of internet and password problems and unfortunately need to get assistance with putting my old posts together.  I wanted to update everyone on what has been going on since September. Jamie did update and post for me, but I guess she stated there wasn't a lot of updates from anyone.  I haven't been back in the hospital since the beginning of September for the gallstone and the pancreatitis (that is what the GI dr. are calling it) but I'm still having a lot of stomach pain and problems.  If you all didn't know, in August I went to my pain management dr. and told him the vicodin wasn't holding the pain.  At that time he gave me Opana 10mg long term and break through pain meds.  I found the Opana to be a pretty good pain control, but it was also over 80.00 to pay for it, which is just too expensive for me to continue to do.  When I was in the hospital there was a pain management doctor that came up and they put me on a morphine pump instead of the 6 mg of morphine they were giving me every 2-4 hours.  That worked ok, until I started to throw it up. The GI doctor then decided to try me on 50mg of fentanyl and 5 mg of oxycodone for break through pain.  I found that to work great, they sent it home with me on September 6th for a month supply.  I went back to the GI doctor on Monday and he continued with another month of Fentanyl patches and 5 mg of Oxycodone (which is only 20.00 instead of 80.00) but unfortunately it looks as though I may be having more surgery in the future.  The GI is thinking now my hiatal hernia may be an issue, as I'm still having bad stomach pain, or some twisting or obstruction.  I now am getting a CT scan and then a gastric emptying scan, had blood work done and having to see a surgeon about laprascopic surgery.  I'm completely out of sick time for the year and can't miss another day of work for the rest of the year so having surgery or even being hospitalized is totally out of the question if I don't want to be fired.  I could try to take a personal leave of absence and my work would probably grant it, but I don't want to get in the position to ask them) so I have to hold off on any major things until Jan 1 when all my FMLA will renew and vacation time will come back.  

I go back to the pain management doctor on Tuesday, I'm bringing with me the MRI of my back since that is a new diagnosis, I'm not sure if he will allow me to stay on the fentanyl or if he will want me on something else. I know he initially told me he likes Opana because it doesn't have as much problem with addiction?  Anyone heard of that?  And also, I know the pain management doctor I saw in the hospital said something about tapering off of the fentanyl?  Does anyone know anything about that?  I've had  alot of fun with these patches last month.  I was wearing them on my arm and they kept falling off from me sweating.  It wasn't until I called mama Sherry that she told me to put them on my back.  So, I know this is a long message, I'm not sure who will remember me on the board, but I hope to get to talk to everyone!

Hope everyone is having a pain free day.

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The boards have been pretty quiet lately.  A lot of people have various things going on and are taking a break.  
I'm sorry to hear you are still having the abdominal pain problems.  I hope they'll be able to figure it out with the tests they will run.  I'm also sorry you don't have any time to take off work for surgery until Jan 1!  I hope it's something they can take care of or at least temporarliy control so that you don't have to have abdominal pain until January.
I don't know anything about Opana and wasn't on the Fentanyl patches very long.  I didn't have to taper off the Fentanyl, I just switched to MSContin.  I had some slight withdrawlish feelings but it wasn't bad.  I've heard it can be a bear to taper off of, though, so hopefully you won't have to.  I doubt they would make you because of the other pain you have and I think you said they recognize that you will have pain for the rest of your life, so I don't see why they would.  If you don't have any more problems with them falling off or can use the tape to hold them on, it's great that it's controlling most of your pain.
I hope you are having better-controlled pain as well.  Welcome back!
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Thanks Bree, I'm so glad to be back!  
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