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Back, neck and chest pain

Hello, well I've been having some pain in my back around the middle it goes up into my neck across my left shoulder feels like its in my left chest. Also been having stomach issues feeling bloated and like I have heartburn also goes into my arm my left one kinda feels like a mild burning sensation n other times it just hurts chest left side by armpit also has that sensation. Also get lowerback pain on right side right above my butt that's usually a sharp pain thou. All this has been happening for about almost a week. I've been checked out at the hospital for my heart had ekg, blood test and xrays everything came back fine. Pain relieves a little after using the bathroom which is going poop. I don't know what's going on and it worries me.
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My guess would be that it's gas, since it helps after going to the bathroom. The hospital just gave up on a diagnosis? I hope you find releif soon.
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releif=   relief!!!
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Hi Kaylob.

Hmm! Sounds like you have irritated nerves starting from inflamed intestines that  connect to your spinal cord. These nerves also indirectly connect to various parts of your back and chest as well as your shoulders .
The stools in your intestinal system provoke the inflammation further, thus the relief when you eliminate.
So a two-three day short term fast-only water and some fruit juice-may be in order for now. But please consult a health care practitioner if you're not familiar with how to do this.
You may want to look at long term preventive care for your digestive and
G/I systems. My  recommendation would be to to go greener, meaning more water rich vegetables -organic if possible- eliminate any junk foods, sodas, sweets, white flour, processed foods, drink plenty of water 1 hour away from meals, don't use cooking oils as they become inflammatory when heated, use butter or preferably extra virgin coconut oil which does not alter with heat and is very soothing and is wonderful for the G/I system.
Its anti-fungal properties help keep fungal overgrowth/candida in check.
It's also ant-parasitic, antiviral and anti-microbial.
Use olive oil only to drizzle fresh over salads and greens.

I hope this helps, but if your symptoms persist or worsen consider
contacting your doctor.

Please note that this not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

Love & Light

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Thanks so much for all your answers, very helpful and much appreciated and I will Deff be changing the way I eat and see if that helps. Thanks again!
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Yes they did this hospital here is a very crappy one and don't really care after they figured out it wasn't my heart on my way they sent me.
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