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Back Tiredness/Pain after sleeping

For years, my back gets very tired after sleeping for a few hours.  The tiredness could be my upper back, midback or lower back, it tends to move around every few months.  I could only sleep for about 4 hrs every night.  If I wanted to sleep more, I need to get up and sit/walk around for roughly 30 mins until the tiredness goes away, then go back to bed.  Recently, the condition had gotten worse.  The tiredness turned into pain, pain of the back muscle and the spinal cord, sometimes feels like my spine will break.  I've casually asked my family doctor about this condition and she doesn't seem to know what's going on.  This has been bothering me for too long and I would really like to find out why?
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    severe back pain after 5 hrs sleeping
  Hi every body suffer from that

Do you have a congenital twisted spinal column ? And Did you
try to twist your spinal column ?


Do you have a normal spinal column ? And you have tried to
twist your spinal column Strongly to be more flexible?

if this is happen

the solution is that

you have to accept your original spine

  try to go back to your congenital design


  you have to adjust your mattress to fit with your original
column's design by  slight elevate somewhere under your

put slight small tissue layers

I tried this and this pain disappeared

Pray for me God bless you all

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hi dears i like to say my problem.From last 4 years back  i felling back muscles tiredness problem.i can not set whit out support will.like if i set on a chair and i not give support to my back so than after some 10 or 15 meant,s back i fell my back muscles tiredness.if i set for some time with out support so after that i fell tiredness full day.when i go to sleep on my bed.so i fell will after 1hr.i check up almost i think from 4 doctor but no one get the point of my problem.so please if some one doctor here see my comments.so please i want to know that what a problem in back side.one thing more when i fell tiredness and after when i take rest on my bed that time my back muscles felling like heart breath.

i want to know my problem plzzzzzzzzzzz
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Hi bbunny:

It depends on how much you spend on the memory foam topper. I bought one that cost me almost 400.00 and it was worth it. It has down on one side and a 2" thick foam on the other side. The total mattress is 4" thick. It does make a difference. There are some real cheap ones out there these day's so you have to be careful of what you purchase.

I realize that it can be pricey but no pain after sleep is more important than the price.
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Thanks Mollyrae for the stretching exercise instruction.  Will definitely try it.  I sleep on my back.  I sometimes put a small pillow below my lower back, like a lumbar support when sleeping.  It helped a little bit, but not enough to last me through the night.

I've considered getting memory foam mattress.  So I got a memory foam topper to try it out.  It felt like my body sink into the topper.  I guess it's not for me.
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Hi bbunny:

Sorry to hear that you've been so uncomfortable. Unfortunatley, this is common.

Certain sleeping positions can trigger back pain by causing poor alignment of the spine and the back muscles being disproportionately stretched. The curve of the lower back gets extended unduly and there is stress on the neck muscles as well, for those that like to rest on their stomach, thus triggering off back pain while sleeping. The ideal sleeping position to be maintained for all suffering from back pain is one that allows the natural curves of the spine to be supported while sleeping. Although I understand you have a very nice mattress, it may require you to purchase a different type like that of memory foam. I have a memory topper and it has done wonders for me. Below are ways to deal with the problem:

It would be comforting for people suffering from back pain to sleep on a firm mattress or use a bed board; while sleeping on the side, put a pillow under the head and one between your legs before bending your knees. This posture has eased the discomfort of many suffering from back pain while sleeping. If turning to sleep on the stomach, then one pillow should be placed under the abdomen and none under the head to maintain good sleeping posture. The back pain while sleeping can extend to the morning at times too and can be helped by some relaxing, stretching exercises to relieve the soreness. Such a person is required to lay on their back with a small pillow under the head and a couple of large ones below the knees and concentrate on relaxing the back muscles for 15-20 minutes. Then the pillows from under the knee should be gently removed while the knees stay bent; next step being to pull up the legs slowly, one at a time, to the chest, hold for a count of 5 seconds and for about three repetitions for each leg. Ending off would require both legs being pulled up to the chest at the same time thrice. The next exercise would require the person to roll over on all fours with hands and knees apart at shoulder width, then gently lifting the head and curving the lower back towards the floor; hold for a few seconds then reverse the motion, akin to a cat's actions- lower your head and curve your back towards the ceiling. Alternating these positions for 6 repetitions would help in relieving the soreness resulting from back pain while sleeping. For those that got the condition because they fell asleep sitting, it is recommended that they place a pillow in the small of the back for support which will help them sit better, with a degree of comfort.

I hope this helps you. Please take care and good luck.....
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Btw, i tried take advil or aleve before my bedtime and they didn't help much.  on some really bad days, i put on icy hot patches and it seem like it helped a little bit.  but obviously this is not an ideal long term solution.
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Thanks for the reply Tuck!!

Yes, my mattress is still in very good shape.  It's firm, not out of shape yet.  i've had it for only a few yrs.  I kind of rule out the problem was my mattress since I've had this problem for so many years and I've changed a few mattresses already.

There were good days where I have no backpain on my current mattress.  but needless to say, there's not that many good days.  i would sometimes have a few days in a role waking up with out pain, then it always come back.  so it kind of comes in waves.

a friend of mine suggestt that i sleep on the floor.  dont know if i should try that next.  i'm wondering if it's because my back muscle is weak?  i dont even know what kind of doctor to go to for these problems.
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Hi Bbunny,

Welcome to the Pain Management Forum. I am sorry to hear about your back issues.

Obviously the first thing that comes to mind is your mattress. Is it in good shape? Or possibly it is just not the right one for you? I cannot sleep on our mattress without the symptoms you describe. I have tried several and only the most expensive on (I won't name it here) allows me to sleep without "back tiredness and pain." I have chosen to sleep on a quality constructed couch because it supports my back better. When I sleep on this couch I am able to sleep longer and wake without the symptoms you describe. I have very poor to no supporting muscles in my back and abdomen, therefore resting my back against a good couch supports it to a degree. In time we will purchase the mattress that provides me with releif but for right now our plans are such that it would be a waste of money. (Changing bed sizes temporarily for a home sale.)

A night or two usually won't tell you if it is your mattress. It takes 3 to 5 nights before you see any real difference, at least in my experience. I don't know if it will make a difference for you or not. I also take a muscle relaxant before turning in for the night.

Others will post with their suggestions and opinions. I wish you well. Please keep in touch and share with us what works or doesn't work for you.
Take Care, Tuck
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