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Begin a New Question Please....

Greetings to Members and Visitors,

A Warm Welcome to all of you.

I'm seeing so many Old Threads with New Questions or Comments tacked onto the end of it. These Old Threads obtain very few if any responses and are not as visible as a New Question. Please check dates! I feel horrible when we miss your questions - and don't address your concerns. Please, Help us, Help you - make a New Question.

We all try diligently to provide new, correct information. Old threads often contain outdated information and are no longer valid. There have been many recent changes within Pain Management (PM). Laws have changed as have procedures, attitudes and so forth, too many to list.

As Phil, one of our helpful member said;

BEGIN QUOTE:  "Personally, I ignore many of these posts, because I do look at the dates. If the post is from 2007, I'm not going to reply, because I figure its old news. If you must refer to another post, copy its URL and paste into your new post. You can say: I feel just like so and so in this post


This way we can refer if need be, but your post will get more attention because it is contemporary.

Also, pick a descriptive subject for your post. The better information we receive, the more we can help." END QUOTE.

To post a question just click on the green "Post a Question" located on the top, right hand side of this page, usually in a small blue banner.  It's just under the words, Pain Management Community.  If you require assistance please feel free to ask me or any of our members. I thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Please help us keep our community up to date and respect former posters. We look forward in hearing from you. Your questions, comments and concerns are very important to us. We learn from one another through sharing of information and support. We're all in this complex and often difficult journey together, called Chronic Pain.

Again Thank You,
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547368 tn?1440545385
A huge thank you to all that are beginning a New Question! It's much appreciated!

547368 tn?1440545385
Please check the dates on any thread you are responding to - often the original poster is no longer active. New comments on old threads are often missed.

Thanks to all that are beginning a new question.

547368 tn?1440545385
547368 tn?1440545385
I see in my absence that there are questions tacked on to old threads - some were not very relevant to the question. Sorry for a variety of reasons I've been absent from the community. I'm glad to be back!

Unfortunately those new questions on old threads were not answered. Please begin a new thread when posting a question. It helps us help you!

Thank You,
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I'm glad you're back! You were very missed.
Aye! Likewise! Ditto! Agreed!
I concur! You're invaluable! It was a SO very well deserved vacation & a vacation from us too though, who find you as our rock. Your so appreciated-I can never be as informative, yet to the point and you do so with such eloquence! I'll "answer" someone who I think wants/needs some kind of urgency&all I can think is- my goodness, Tuck would've said this SO much better, precise, more informative and....clear.
A welcomed & soft rock in our painfully rocky paths, you are!
Welcome back!  ;)
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