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Burning pain in left lung, back.

First post!
I have been having very sharp,burning pain in my left lung almost behind the breast to my back for about a month now. I can't sleep laying from neither the left,face up or face down. Only laying on the right arm. If I lay even for a minute on those sides, it leaves me without breath right away. I have to sit up and stay still trying to catch my breath with shallow breaths because the searing pain would be intolerable. Pain feels like someone stabbing me with a hot knife.

Anybody knows what it is? I'd love to have an answer to take to the doctor so that he (she) has something to start with.Thanks to any and all who answers tihs post. God Bless!
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Can you tell me if you ever found out what this is?  I have had the same condition since I was 12 (off and on).  I know it started with an injury to a muscle under my arm but just recently found out (I'm 45 now) that it was caused by my ribcage getting twisted therefore leaving the lungs less room to expand.  I would love to hear how you are doing and what you found since August.

Best of luck to you
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Exactly the same symptom
I have been having very sharp,burning pain on my left lungs just behind my chest. Chronic pain - resources feels like someone stabbing me with a hot knife for almost 5 days. Doctors just can't find anything serious though.
Have u consulted a doctor about this yet? Anything new to share?
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Hello.  I have had the same issue (burning sensation in the left lung) for the past 3-4 years.  I have also had lack of energy, fatigued easily.  Not knowing if these symptoms are related.  I had chest xrays on two occassions and the results came out fine.   The burning sensation comes and goes.  It feels like someone is stabbing me with a hot knife.  A very sharp burning pain but subsides and comes back.  It is not consistent but worrysome.  Any suggestions or knowledge of what this may be a symtom of?  
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does your pain feel like a surnburn?
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My mum has just had an Xray done, the Dr says he sees a shawdow.  We are so worried.  Were waiting on a second opinion.  My mum said its a burning pain and it comes and goes, but its been more appharent recently for  about a month now.  My advice is to get it checked out over and over again if you have too.  Good luck. P>S pray for my mum.
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Stabbing and burning pain can be caused by GERD which is reflux.  Not everyone has the classic symptoms of taste (reflux) and nausia normally associated with GERD.  It can cause chest pain and can cause pain to surrounding areas (back or shoulder).
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hi... can somebody else their help me?.. i always have this left lung back pain and it makes me feel afraid that it could be a spot again in my lungs... is their anyone who knows what i should do?.. pls. response...
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I had a really bad flu about 3 months ago, which was unlike any I have ever had. There was an extreme amount of coughing. The recovery from this particular flu was about 2 weeks (to feel like myself again). Since then I have had several colds, all involving coughing. I understand that my immune system was probably taxed by the series of colds and that's why I kept getting sick. I am now suffering from a strange burning sensation in my lungs and pain in my neck, shoulders and middle back. The pain in NOT a mucle paid, as I have had those before. It is closer to my spine. I have had several massages thinking it was just over worked muscles. They seemed to give me relief for about a day or two and I start hurting again. Should I be concerned? Or is this just a residual effect of all my colds and coughing?
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Hi- Wow!!!
I have the same exact symptoms! I'm wondering do any of you take birth control? I just started it for the first time in my life! Now my whole body is thrown off! I take the BC pillz for anemia. My upper back pain feels like I laid on a burning mattress! I also have major spasms in my left arm! The back pain is on my left side also, not close to the spine but feels like my lung needs some help or something. Freaks me out. Please feel free to email me with solutions! Otherwise I'm a healthy girl who does ballet 11 years. Physically I'm healthy. I am a green leafy eater daily as well as a juicer. Please help because I can't get any sleep! Oh I do take ferrous sulfate if you need this for diagnosis and no other meds.

Thanks A Bunch!
Summer ~

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Welcome to MH. We are glad you found us. You will find support, understanding and some good suggestions here.

The first thing that comes to my mind is go to your physician ASAP. You may have some bronchitis, pleurisy, a pulled muscle, possible GERD, cystic breast(s) or any number of things. This may be related to some neck or back (spine) issue.

I am sorry you are having pain. I am optimistic this is a minor medical condition. Please keep us posted. We will be thinking of you. Take Care, Tuck
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Hi i have been having severe pain in my upper left back, just by my scapular. i have had issues of high blood preassure about two months back and i resolted to lowering it tha natural way by eating right and excercising which gradually returned to normal. i have recently deciede to reduce my weight to so i included exercises. i jug for 30mins every morning before getting ready for work. although i used to feel this pain when i excercise but it has become more severe in recent times since i started excercising daily. what could be responsible for this? i do not like to take any medicat pills. id love to work my way back to perfect health the natural way, which i have started by sticking to vegetables and fruits and daily excercise. What can i do to releave this pain? anxiously waiting to hear from you. God bless.
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Hi however i came here to late but i had also start same thing 6 weeks ago in a episode off two weeks and than pain or shock pain in my left lung along with getting my left arm numb completely but so far no body figure out whats is it i had a complete blood count come normal and chest X-ray normal but becasue off that i had been in ER three time and finally my DOC dignosed is a nerve pain ..whatever now almost is about 6 weeks not complete three episode off this horrible pain now i start feeling havily dizzy and sleepy and tingling start all over in my bodey along with my eyes is buring and all back is tight ..can any bodey pleas have an aswer pleas /
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I have burning knife like pain i my left lung in the back I have been to emergency twice and both times sent me home without investigating I have emphyzema and asthma and suffer from chronic head pain, I am going into my 3 rd week of this and it is getting worse by the day any suggestions of any test that can help to find the cause
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