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Calcaneus fracture

In Feb 07 I was hit by a drunk driver and I broke my femur , knee cap , big toe and Calcaneus . All on the same leg. Ive been taking pain meds every since but I think the doctor is becoming motivated to take me off the meds somewhere down the road. I take 3 Loritabs a day 7.5 mg

This is just enough pain meds to get me throught the day. My pain is still pretty bad and I cant walk without a cane yet! The pain meds ''just barely'' help with the pain and when they wear off I cant walk at all.  Some days I cant even get up out of bed without the meds.

Im not addicted to any pain meds. I honestly only take meds when I have to have them when Im in real pain. I dont take them unless Im in real pain.

I understand these meds have addictive properties and some people abuse them. I dont , but Im interested in what other options I have just for the sake of argument!

I know I have an up hill battle but what am I supposed to do ?  I mean I need something for pain ,I cant function unless I can get rid of the pain. Ive tried a tens unit , it helps some but not a whole lot.  The 1st thing I think when I wake is Im in pain and the last thing I thing before I got to sleep is Im in pain, there's got to be a solution for me ,I just need some suggestions for pain management .

Before the accident I was in great shape , I mean I was always walking and working out and very physcally fit. Still do what I can , but the pain limits what I can do. So this is all new to me , Ive never been sick or injured before the accident. I never needed pain meds before for anything. I just have zero experience with this stuff and need some help.
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If your doctor won't give you anything for the pain then find another one, see if you can find a pain managment doctor that can help you get your pain under control.
Good luck
Sorry to hear about what happen to you I hope the person who hit you was arrested.
Very sad somebody has to drink and drive then cause so much pain for another person because they didn't think before they acted.
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Bone injuries take the longest to stop hurting.  Really sorry to hear you have to go through this mess, but overall, you are doing really well.  I know it doesn't feel like it, but with such severe injuries you're coming right along.

What kind of doc is treating your pain?  Family doc?  Ortho surgeon?  You really need a pain specialist not only for pain medication, but because they have some other tricks up their sleeves that just might help.  You're already one step ahead of most patients by being physically fit and understanding exercise.  Have you been working with a rehab/ physical therapist?  I know it hurts like H-E-double-toothpicks, but you must do it.
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I just wanted to let you know that I feel your pain.  Literally.  

I'm almost 26 years old, and I was in a horrible car accident in October of 2004.  I suffered a calcaneal fracture that involved the tibia/fibia as well as messed up both of my knees.  It's been 3 1/2 years and things only get worse.  I'm in a constant battle with the pain.  It's gets so bad it literally brings me to the ground in tears.  My orthopedic is one of the top in the country and he's tried everything, with very little success.  I stopped with pain pills over a year ago because it got to the point that they weren't even helping at all.  I wish I had advice for you.  

I still have the hardware in there... a huge plate with about 10 screws.  The next option is a joint fusion, but my doctor is not even sure if that will help or make things worse.

I know how you feel.  I was a ballet dancer and in great shape before all this happened.  Now just standing or walking is a chore.  This injury has limited my life so much and I wish I had more people that understood to talk to about it.
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Well to my understanding only 2% of all bone breaks are to the calcaneus, as it is difficult to break. I learned the hard way myself falling 12plus feet to concrete. I had accident in Oct 07 and has been the most difficult and trying thing I have ever gone through, the pain and burning sometimes is hard to bear and even more difficult for others to understand. I am having " fusion" done myself end of Sept to try and eliminate some of the chronic pain. I am a bit older than you was once a pro dancer and in hotel/dev/mgmt no more standing on feet more than few hours too much now. I am in excellent shape other than that and am thankful that I can even walk swelling, pain and all. Your ankle and insole will burn from nerve damages and your heel hurts because you lost some of the mass that we walk on, just keep pushing forward and as difficult as it is just make the adjustments to your life and realize there are many people out there that cant walk at all. Sorry about this time of hardship for you but know you will be fine. Can e-mail me anytime: John D   ***@****
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my son just had an accident on Oct. 5th of this year and he is home recovering, he also broke both bones in the lower left leg and the calcaneas also he is in a cast up to the knee and recently has been complaining alot that his heel hurts alot and it sends little shocks through him and I can see him jump from them. He is still non weight baring due to other broken bones, the pelvic and the lower back and tail bone. Can anyone tell me is this normal for him to be feeling these type of pains at 3 months post accident?
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From my experience the pain your son is experiencing is normal. I only had a calcaneus fracture from a bad car accident. When I couldn't put any weight on my foot I had pain too. I had surgery and still have the hardware. I'm going on a year in 3 months and I don't have pain but, I do have a-lot of stiffness. Oh, the slight pain I have is a burning one that I get when I work hard at the gym to get my strength back.  
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