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Calf Pain getting worse

after suddenly increased activity (my dad was took seriously ill and was at his walking the dog, travelling everywhere) had problems with my achilles tendon where it kept popping.
Went to see physio who also said i have soleus muscle injury so hes given me exercises to do and when isee him does massage and ultrasound treatment.  It gets swollen and warm at times. it started to help however recently i have noticed that it has got worse, its affecting more parts in my calf muscle and im limping with it even though i have support on it.  Its also keeping me awake at night and is really bad.  
the physio sessions have normally helped till i next see him but now its only lasting about a day for relief.  
Its been going on since august 2015.  
i just dont know what else to do.  
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Hi Tigeress,

I think it's time for a second opinion. Did you first consult a physician - or did you go straight to a Physio? In the States we normally have to have a referral to one from a physician - but it may be different in the UK.

I'd want documented "proof" of the DX (Diagnosis). A CT or MRI, whichever your physician deems best in your case will give the right DX.

You've certainly given this enough time to heal under the care of your Physio. The fact that it's getting worse - and not even holding it's own - certainly says something different needs to be done. I'd do this soon to avoid permanent damage to the area.

Good luck and please let us know how you are doing.


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Thanks for your reply.
Ive finally managed to see my family doctor who really didnt have a clue but has referred me to there physio who used to be a dr. My dr hadnt got a clue what the soleous muscle was.
Ive been given some gel to rub on as no tablets were touching it.

Got a few weeks to wait.

Thanks tuck
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UPDATE- got a cancellation apt for physio and she thinks its a partial rupture - might need an operation
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Hi Tigeress,

I'm sorry to hear that you may be facing surgery. However I am glad that you have a DX.

I'm tardy with my reply as I've been on vacation. I do appreciate the fact that  you've been so kind to let us know how you are doing. That's important to us. I hope you'll continue to do so - and I wish you the very best.

Best of Luck,
hope youve had good holiday.  
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