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Can I Take Tramadol Medicine For Upper Back Pain ?

Hi, my name is Alina and my age is 59. I am facing upper back pain last from 1 year. My friend suggested me to take tramadol medicine for pain. my doctor also suggests to me but he is saying there are some side effects of this medicine and it may be harmful.

I am getting confused. So, I want feedback about this medicine who are using it from last one year.
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You ask a good question.  EVERY drug you take has a plus and minus column. There is the good side and the bad side. This can be that you feel better, treat your condition as a good stuff but then also have to deal with what would be the bad stuff like side effects or becoming dependent on it (or addicted).  If someone were to take Tramadol/Ultram for pain and addiction was a concern, then it would be best to not use it for more than one week.  It seems that is often a cut off point that people can get addicted if on a pain reliever for 1 full week or more.  Or use as needed, sparingly knowing that addiction can surface. And yes, backhurtz speaks of mood issues.  We never know how we will react to a medication.  BUT, are you in debilitating pain?  What is the status of your back pain?  Can you function?
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Hi Alina, Welcome. Tramadol/Ultram is a semi synthetic pain medication that also has an effect on chemicals in the brain effecting mood. It can become addictive if used improperly. Some people find it works well at managing moderate pain, but you must be careful of interactions with other medications, so make sure that your doctors and pharmacists are aware of all medications and supplements you take.
You can go to drugs.com and look up tramadol or ultram to read more about the medication.
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