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Can anyone help me how to stop abstral use ?

Hi I've been on abstral for 3 years and a fentanyl patch (50Micg/hr).
Abstral is for breakthrough pain and is the sublingual form of fentanyl. I take this as I cannot absorb morphine or other pain medications due to surgery on my bowel as a result of cancer treatment.
Has anyone been on this and successfully managed to get of it as I am finding it very difficult. I would rather suffer the pain than be on this long term.
I wish I was never on it.
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Can I ask why you want to get off of this medication if you're in pain? Are you having unwanted side effects?
I recommend you talk to your Dr about this. If you really want to get off of this medication you'll most likely need to do a taper program. Your Dr can help with this. Does he/she know that you want to stop taking this med?
I'm not sure what you could take in place of Abstral. I'm sorry that I can't help you with that.
Are you seeing a chronic pain Dr?
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I want off this because my tolerance is increasing and I am needing more. The pain is all from side effects of radiotherapy  and chemotherapy treatment. I've required more surgery due to radiotherapy damage had to have my small intestine removed and if I need further surgery will have difficulty with pain control as usual pain med will not have much effect after these massive doses of abstral. Since I have survived my cancer against all the odds I want a life back .Dr wants me off these meds as only licenced for cancer use.
I have been seeing a pain Dr who says I need to reduce abstral use or increase fentanyl patch which I do not want to do. This drug is highly addictive and I want a life without opiates. I still have the pain issue though but do not want to spend the rest of my life on opiates
This is your life and your decision. I understand now why you want off of the pain meds.
Your pain Dr can not force to stay on your meds. If he won't help you with a taper program there are specialists that will help. You will need to taper because these are strong meds.
Just to be clear, are you saying you want to stop both of these medications?
Yes I want to stop the abstral which is the same as actiq lollys first, then try to reduce the fentanyl patch. I lie in bed most of the day due to pain and effect of pain meds making me lethargic. I have survive my cancer and want a life again. I have halved my abstral (actiq) having sweaty hot /cold episodes and 2 episode of very severe pain after eating. I get pain meds due to radiation damage which caused obstructions and adhesions and needed more surgery. I will need surgery in the future and it concerns me what I will get for pain if I remain on these drugs getting more tolerant. I feel its better to come of them now than livein a drug haze. eating is always going to be a problem due to radiation damage. I take liquid feeds to ensure I maintain my weight at 50kg.
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