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Can doctor block me from getting my prescription before I fill it due to bad drug test?

I have been going to pain management for a little over a year.I have never been asked to take a urine test until this past week. Unfortunately, I know I will not pass. I had run out of my meds a few days earlier and had smoked some pot to get me through till my next script. The test was on Monday, and the nurse said that they send the urine to California (I'm in North Carolina) to be analyzed. My question is, if they get the results back before I fill my script on Saturday, can or will they be able to block me from getting it somehow? I don't have insurance and I'm not sure if they have my pharmacy on file. I'm just really worried that I won't be able to get my meds. I am also worried about the future of my relationship with my pain management doctor, but I don't see him for another three months, so I have a bit longer to deal with that. Please help, I am so worried that I can barely concentrate on school.
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If you have the script in hand I don't think they can stop you from filling it. I think they won't give you any more if your urine test was dirty. at your next appt you might have some explaining to do. good luck
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you probably can fill that last script if you use a different pharmacy than the one you have in your file at the dr. office... do you have true pain or just addicted? If you do have true pain issues, you'd better start looking for a new pain doctor right now because its very likely you will be kicked out of there. Not only will you test Pos for pot, you will be negative for your pain med...they might think youre selling your pills
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I really don't know.  I've always followed pain management rules to a T and I've never run out of meds.  My pain is unmanaged as the pain medicine does not provide enough pain relief, but yet, I don't take more then I'm allowed.  It's very tough to live like this, but I have no choice.  I can't imagine running out of meds and not having any relief at all.  I don't drink or use any other substance unless I'm prescribed.  I would imagine you will be able to fill your script.  I've heard that it's sometimes very hard to find pain management once you broken the rules, especially in "doctor shopping", which this isn't the case.  

I do wish you the best, but if you do find another pain management doctor who is willing to treat you, follow their rules.  The pain management clinic your at will most likely kick you out of their program.  They are very strict and they stick with their rules.  Good luck.
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If your doctor's office gets the results of your urine test before you fill your prescription they may call you and ask you to bring the prescription back to them in the office.  (of course, presuming that you have the hard-copy script and not just a "refill" available at the pharmacy).  If you do have the hard copy script and have already filled it by the time your doctor's office contacts you, obviously there's not much they can do, other than there's a good chance they will release you from their care.  Like someone else said, not only will your urine test come up showing your marijuana use, but it will also come up as showing that you have not been taking the medication that they had prescribed.  Either of these issues is sufficient enough for them to dismiss you from their office.  It's nothing against you personally, it's simply a safety and legal issue.

Keep in mind also, that no matter what "mode" of the filling of your script you have (hard copy or refill on file at pharmacy) -- if you try to fill it early, the pharmacy themselves may contact your doctor's office and let them know you're attempting to fill a script early and ask them if it's approved to do that and find out the reasoning (i.e., a change in dose).  Depending on what the doctor's office tells the pharmacy, they then have the right to refuse to fill the script for you - at least until the date that it would actually be due, if at all.

When your doctor requested the urine sample for testing, did you tell them a) that you had run out of your pain medication a few days earlier and b) that you had smoke the marijuana?  If not, please seriously consider doing this in the future - it could avoid the possible problems with them getting "positive" results on the testing.  At least if they know the situation, you have a better chance of them not immediately releasing you from care.  They also need to know if you're having to take more of your medication for pain control than you used to so they can make the appropriate adjustments to it.

Best of luck!
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Thank you all for your comments. To troubleinohio- I do have real pain, however, I have been on the meds so long that I'm sure I am at least physically addicted to them. To RunningMom- I have tried in the past to follow my plan just as directed, but it is extremely difficult. I have really bad knee problems (can't stand for more than 3 minutes at a time, can't walk for more than 5 minutes) and the doctors can't seem to figure out exactly what is wrong with them. For the last six months I have been trying to explain to the doctors that I need to either up my dosage or add another med that can help the Norco ( I am prescribed 1 and 1/2 tabs of Norco 10/325 4 times daily as needed). They don't want to up the dosage due to my age (I'm 25). The problem is that after about 3 to 4 hours the pain comes back, so I take another dose. That usually means that by the end of the month, I am short on my script by a few days. I know that it isn't a good for me physically to take more than recommended, but I really just can't stand the pain. It's very frustrating. To geminigirl1963- I've been thinking about contacting the office Monday to see if I can talk to my Dr. and let him know the truth. When they took the urine, they didn't ask me anything about my meds or using other drugs. However, 30 mins after I left the office the nurse who took the urine called me to ask when the last time I took my meds was. I started to explain to her what had happened when the line cut off. I tried to call back the office for the rest of the day, but couldn't get anyone. I thought about leaving a message but I was freaked out and...*sigh*. I don't know. The worst part of all of this is that I let my Dr. down.
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It is important for you to understand that this is not the way to handle your pain. Smoking an illegal substance while in pain management is not accepted at all. If the doctor your seeing is under treating your pain you should have seek ed out a new doctor instead of self medicating and using illegal drugs. Please understand I am not trying to make you feel worse about your situation. I want to make you realize that this is the kind of thing that makes it hard for all of us to get the treatment we need for chronic pain. In your doctors eyes you have no medication in your system  therefore you must be selling them and then the marijuana use will seal the deal. I hope you understand how serious this is. It will be very hard to find a PM doctor to treat you now with this in your record.
The prescription you have will be canceled if the pharmacy calls the doctors office for any reason. The lab results normally take about 7-10 days. This could be shorter or longer depending on the doctors office and lab.
If you have a pharmacy noted in your files at the doctors office they will call and cancel the prescription you have.
In the future please find a better way to control your pain such a finding a doctor that will listen when you tell them your pain is not adequately controlled.
I wish you luck in finding a doctor that will treat you now as it is going to be difficult. Do not give up though there are doctors out there willing to give someone a second chance.
Be aware that this will be the last chance so follow the doctors orders to a "T" and make sure you leave the pot alone.
Good luck:)
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I might be totally off base, but I'm wondering if the reason the nurse called you so quickly after your test is maybe they do at least some kind of testing in their office to get a quick reading of what might be in the urine sample??  I know there are over the counter type test kits that anyone can purchase even at their local Walmart - I don't know exactly what drugs they are sensitive for in testing, but perhaps their office keeps some of those kind of tests on hand?  Even if they haven't tried to contact you again about it, it could be that they DID do some sort of testing like this in the office, but are waiting on the lab results to confirm their own results.

Like I said, I might be totally off base with that idea but it was just a thought.

You may still try calling your doc's office and explaining what you've had to do with upping your dose and also about the marijuana use.  What is the reason for waiting until Monday to do that?  The sooner you do it, the better - if you wait, they may also take that as you are trying to hide something from them.

I agree with Sandee that you should consider finding another doctor who WILL listen to you when you say your pain is not sufficiently controlled.  I also agree that this will not be easy if your current doctor puts anything in your chart regarding the positive drug test.  And again, I also agree that you need to be able to find some way of handling your pain without having to resort to an illegal substance.

I urge you to make that phone call to your doctor's office NOW and not wait.  It may not change the outcome, but it's still better than waiting for the test results to come in and then having to explain things.

Best of luck and keep us posted!
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I definitely realize how serious this is. Like I said in an earlier post, the worst part of this for me is knowing that the Dr will think badly of me. I am just hopeful that I can convince another doctor out there that I made a mistake and am willing to change my behaviors. I'm going to try to come clean to my Dr. this week and however unlikely it is, maybe he will give me another chance. I guess that my best chance to keep the script is to move to a new pharmacy, since I'm only 80% sure that I hadn't given my doctor my new pharmacy info. However, if I haven't heard from the doctor by Friday, do you think it would be safe to go to my regular pharmacy?
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I took your advice and called the Dr. just now. The receptionist said that he would give me a call back later today. I am so nervous. I just hope that by telling him before he gets the results back will maybe show him that I am earnest about being sorry. *sighs* So scared guys.
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Just curious, have you see an orthopedic for your knee problem?
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Good for you with making that phone call!  I'm sure you are scared and nervous about talking to your doctor, but it's definitely the right decision and could help the outcome.  Even if his office regulations "require" that they dismiss you after a positive urine test, maybe he'll at least put a note in your chart that you told him about the usage and are truly sorry and want to try another way to handle your pain.

Try to keep your chin up!  We're all here for you!
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To Totie- Yes, that is who recommended me to the PM. They did all sorts of test and couldn't come up with anything. They said that I had a little degeneration of the tissue in my knees, but it shouldn't be causing me that big of a problem. I have always had an extremely low tolerance to pain, so maybe it is just something minor that feels much more major to me. Oh the pain scale of 1-10 it's usually a 6 or a 7 when sitting, and a constant 9 when moving around or standing. I haven't been able to pay to go to my orthopedics since my insurance ran out, so I don't really know if anything has changed or not. It sure doesn't feel like it has.

And to geminigirl1963, thank you so much for the support. I definitely know that this is the right thing to do, but it is still super scary. I'll fill you all in after my doc calls.
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There are many state run agencies that can help you since you have no insurance. Have you applied for Medicaid?
There are other government run agencies also that can help you.
You need to have the proper test run to get a diagnosis so that you can find the cause of the pain and possible have surgery or whatever the problem require to relieve the pain your suffering.
Let me know if you need help finding these agencies and I will do what I can to assist you:)
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Sometimes an anthroscopy (sp) of the knee needs to be done to determine the source of the pain when the other diagnostic tests come up negative. I had knee surgery almost 21yrs ago, and honestly I don't get any pains, so something must be being missed in your testing. My ortho did tell me that they don't always see the tears even though they have done all the diangostic testing. Some tears are so minute that they can only be seen once they do an anthroscopy.

In my experience, I have had the tech read my MRI completely wrong of my shoulder.

I really hope you get to the bottom of your knee pain.

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I'm sorry you are the dilemna you are even though it's self induced.

I think your best option here is plain old simple truth. 'IF' and it's a big 'IF' the Dr will even see you, I'd suggest sitting down with him/her and being completely open and honest and ask for forgiveness and understanding. Tell him/her everything.............Let them know you realize just how big of a mistake you made and ask for another chance....What do you have to lose by trying this? Even if they kick you out, you've lost nothing other than doing the moral thing and explaining and being truthful about what and why you did what you did. We are all human and make mistakes all the time, Lord knows I've made my share of them and will undoubtedly make more throughout my life.

It's what we do after them that makes us what we are........ The saying goes, "The truth will set you free". I happen to subscribe to that theory and even though there are consequences to the decisions we make you can be lifted away from the overwhelming feelings of guilt and of having let others down.

I do wish you the best, please keep us posted, and STOP smoking pot while you are being treated by a PMP....... Sandee is 100% correct, these kinds of issues do cause it be more difficult for the rest of us who are seeking ongoing pain management and I would respectfully ask you to consider that in the future.

Best regards.

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Well, I haven't heard back yet from the doctor, and since it's past 6:00 I'm pretty sure I won't be hearing from him tonight. Hopefully he will get in touch with me tomorrow. The waiting is what is making it so bad. Night everyone. I'll keep you posted.
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I will keep you in my prayers and I know the waiting is the worst.

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I'd try filling it when the office is closed, if the pharmacy calls to verify the rx - the doc's office could tell them not to fill it until you speak with them or something like that.

Good luck, as long as you're honest  - you'll probably get a second chance.
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I, personally, would not fill the prescription at ALL until I've spoken with the doctor.  By not filling the script, it shows even more that you are sorry about what happened and that you are willing to do whatever it takes to make things right.  By attempting to fill the script when the doctor's office is closed, it is only further deception.

Just my thoughts on the subject.
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Morning all. Again, thank you so much for your support. I'm still very nervous, but knowing that I can pop onto this board and discuss this with all of you makes me feel a lot better. Here is the situation as of this morning. I still have not heard back from my doctor. I've been trying to get through to the office since it opened but so far I haven't had any luck. I'm going to keep trying though. I don't know if I will fill the script tomorrow or not, but if I do, I think that I will just fill it at my regular pharmacy. If the doctor does decide to call the pharm and tell them not to fill it, and then I go somewhere else and -do- get it filled, I think that would look extremely suspect. As far as filling it when the Dr.s office is closed, the script can not be filled until Saturday, so that would be option either way.  I'll be sure to update you as soon as I know something.  
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Just wanted to let you know if the doctors office does tell your pharmacist not to fill it then that means it is canceled and the pharmacist will take the prescription from you.
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sandee is right and boy do i know that first hand. Years ago, I had a script for vicodin get cancelled on me (and at that time, it was WRONGFULLY DONE)..i was gonna get the paper script back and try to fill it somewhere too, hah! they tore it up and into the garbage/shredder!
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If you have a valid RX I would have it filled. I don't understand how that could be seen as deceitful. You have chronic pain and you need the medications to control it.

I doubt when they handed you the RX they said, "Wait to fill it till we run the drug screen." So I may be all wet but I just don't seen a huge problems. Indeed the physician may dismiss you but most will provide you with 30 days of meds upon discharge. So again I don't understand the difference.

Where to go from her will be the real question. I may start making calls to see what is available for alternate physicians. And I agree that taking a illegal substance is never the answer.....as you have obviously learned the hard way.

Good luck to you.
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well, i joined a pain clinic for my blown out spine last month after detoxing to no fault of my own my old dr was shut down in june. so i peed last month no weed. this month he cut my meds from 5 30mg oxy ir to 10/325 percocet a day period. wont write dilaudid or roxicodone. so im in so much pain i said **** it. weed is the only thing i can take to feel better since im not being properly medicated. now i have a test on wednesday and will have to come clean and tell him before the test(if he gives me one-last month he didnt) and ive got 4 level neck fusions and jaw replacement so im as legit as they come but if he lets me go i really dont care anymore. i have to eat 3 of my 4 percocets in the morning just to get out of bed and take the last one before noon, leaving me with nothing but withdrawl feeling for the rest of the day. he needs to up my dose and im going to tell him yes i smoked weed. have you ever been shot in your face, wake up in cold sweats and have flashbacks and cant sleep and then goto pain management where you wont give me anywhere near the proper dose to help control my pain nor give me any of the meds that have worked fine for me for the last 12 years. i really dont like smokin weed but it helps me sleep, eat and not feel to bad till my percocets in the am. so i will see wednesday,.i was clean too till 2 days ago i said f it and bought some kryppy to help me sleep and with the withdrawls since his meds only last half the day and im out. anyone know a doctor in vero beach florida or port st lucie or melbourne florida plz help. i am waiting on medicaid so i only have cheap insurance right now but things will get better someday i pray. and since my doctor(old) is in prison now for i guess getting set up by the dea, hes gone and all the patients that went there  are being not allowed anywhere as with computers they see all the patients at the clinic that was shut down. 30 plus pieces of titanium in my neck/jaw and this is bullsh.. plz help me God.
I truly hope everything worked out for you. You have my deepest sympathies and complete understanding. Good Luck Friend
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