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Can the non-prescribing Dr order a pill count?

My wife has MS and one Dr prescribes xanax and another prescribes Oxycodone, Both Dr.s know she takes both. The Oxy Dr calls her in for a pill count, askes where are the xanax? she says I dont carry them with me. They tell her if she doesnt bring them in within 24hs they will release her. Can the NON prescribing Dr. count pills they didnt give her and threaten to release her if she doesnt have it (which she does)?

Dr.s are not affiliated, one is pain Dr. in Ky, other is primary in Oh (we live on the border).
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Forgot to mention, they also threatend to call her primary care Dr. and tell them if she doesnt bring them in tomorrow.
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I am not really sure how that all works.  My mom had MS and got her meds from her primary doctor.  Is one of her doctors a neurologist?
I just reread your thread and you explained what the doctors were for...Is there anyway she can get both meds from the primary doctor?
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No, primary can not write narcotics.
I am actually taking her to get the nerve pills counted this morning. Just seems like are overstepping, they were just  arrogant like they thought they had her "caught up in something" still not explaining how or why they have the right to count them. You hear about people being treated like junkies at pain Dr.s, thats exactly what it felt like yesterday.
I would ask her primary the next time you see him/her.
Well they kicked her out anyway, It was clearly already decided because they didnt even count them after all that threatening.
Is this a well known pain clinic?  Do you suppose the doctor was being looked at?  What was the reasoning for kicking her out?  Does she see a neurologist?
yes, the neurologist is who refered her there to begin with. they're both in the same hosp.

her pri. said the pain Dr. has been calling and trying to get her to kick her out also??? pri. said she thinks she is under investigation, they kicked out atleast 2 other people the same day for similar problems according to facebook reviews. seems she is cleaning house but blaming the patients.

Her pri. said she will take care of her and get her into somewhere else, thank God.
It may be a little to late for that doctor!  It's too bad your wife got kicked out but i think it is for the best if that is how that doctor is going to be.  She obviously isnt in it for the patient.  Keep us posted on how things are going.
Shame though, they had a great relationship for 7 years. complete 180*
I wonder if this is a new tactic that PM doctors are using to reduce their long term patients, even though these patients have always been compliant ... gov boys applying pressure for the guidelines.

I have never taken anything other that my std pescription
.... hit wrong button, crap.

Anyway - I recently took a urine test which also came back positive for anxiety meds. Impossible since I don't take anything other than my prescriptions, never have. I was surprised and horrified as well, given the witch hunts currently  going on.

So I am also.waiting for a certified letter in the mail. Insane world.
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I’m so sorry this has happened.
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This is happening due to over reaching gov't officials. I'm so sorry. There's a Don't Punish Pain Rally April 7th in just about every state capitol in US. People are being denied pain relief. Doctors are told not to prescribe certain medications or be investigated. It has become a witch hunt for  PM. Google Doctors of Courage for information.
In my state they have decided no PCP can prescribe pain medications. Only cancer and hospice patients can receive pain relief. After gall bladder removal in Missouri my friend wasn't given anything for pain. Indiana is also bad. I've heard of people moving to Colorado for better health care. That will change, no point moving.
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No doubt about it, the government is cracking down on PCP handing out scripts for pain. In my state, most docs can log into a main bank provided by government and can see exactly what has been written and given by any doc. Good luck!
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