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Can you take Gabapentin with Vicodin & valium???

I am pretty much in limbo right now between drs, I went to see a pain specilist(who was rude as hell, not helpful what so ever....never seeing her again) Anyways(they cant figure out if I have Fibromyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis bc they are so similar) And i am waiting to see a Rheumatologist(but i cant get in to see him til Jan...hes one of the best)So like i was saying the pain specialist perscribed me gabapentin....And I also have severe TMJ(lock naw) plus very bad anxiety...so I am on 7.5/325 Vicodin and 10mg valium...is it safe to take the gabapentin with both of those things...or should i just wait til i see the Rheumatologist?? Iv hear good and ALOT of bad things about this drug...and my bdy has a high tolerance to meds, so i have to take ALOT for anything to help..i am just nervous to even touch it(i dont like trying new meds...i swear i feel like a guiney pig).......any thoughts????
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This is something you will have to discuss with your doctor.  With your medical issues we cant advise you on this.  Hope you can talk with someone.....sara
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yes i know this sarah, but I cant see my rheumtoloigst til JANUARY. so i am trying to figure it all out..i am starting to definately think its arthritis and not fibro...my joints swell and ache and feel like they are on fire...i tihnk i am going to stay away from the gabapentin til i see him in jan....bc gabapentin is for fibro and if i dont have that then wats the point and its the kind of drug you have to build up in ur system and build down you cant just quit cold turkey........right now the pain meds,aleve,and my valium are doing the job except for the inflammation i am having in my joints :( ugh

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I think it's a requirement for pain specialists to be rude
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Of course you must follow your doctor's advice re any medication changes but just for your general info, gapapentin acts on the GABA receptors as does valium in a slightly different way.  In very general terms, drugs that occupy the GABA receptor tend to have similar effects to valium, that is they relax the central nervous system which can help with your perception of pain.

Gabapentin & similar drugs are generally used off-label for pain control as they were developed as anti-seizure meds.

It's possible that gabapentin on top of valium would be quite sedating.

If you can manage, there is some evidence that relaxing exercise like Tai Chi may help with joint pain.

Best wishes.
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As Sara said that's info you need to be getting from a medical professional. l Understand your distress with the amount of time you need to wait between doctors  but there isnt anyone here qualified to tell you what safe for you and what isnt ..Another option would be talking to a pharmacist ..... good luck
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I took gabapentin with ativan and percocet.  Unfortunately, I could not tolerate the side effects of the gabapentin, though it did help with the pain.  It just left me in a terrible fog and I had trouble organizing my thoughts and verbalizing things.  (Also tried Lyrica but it caused rapid weight gain with no change in diet.)

You could call the pharmacist and ask if that combination of medications are okay to take together.  I'm sure the PM doctor would not have prescribed it (if he knew what you were already taking.)  

Fibromyalgia is difficult to diagnose.  I was lucky and was diagnosed with my first occurrence of it.  I've had it for over ten years now and have tried a variety of things to deal with it.  For me, it's been mild exercise that helps the most.  I hadn't even had a flare-up in years until I had a car accident in April.

I also have severe osteoarthritis in a lot of my joints.  The worst are my thumbs (I had 9 surgeries on one and ended up having it fused but still have pain and ended up with RSD.)  My hands in general are pretty bad and my right hip.

Good luck with your new doctor.  I love the physicians, nurse practitioners and staff at my  pain clinic.  They are all fantastic and we really work as a team.  Don't settle for less than you deserve.
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I can only comment on the gabapentin and Vicodin.  I'm currently on 600mg gabapentin 4 times  a day, and Norco 10's on top of that.  And Opana on top of those.  But follow the advice of your MD about your own meds...I can only speak for what's been prescribed for me.

(for Mellie4--I had an AWFUL time with the gaba and brain fog for a couple of months.  It gets better eventually).  
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Thanks for all your kind words, im new to this site...And yea Iv talkd to a few other people about taking gabapentin...and iv decided to stay away from it, i heard wayyyy more bad than good about it...and take new meds really freaks me out esp if i havent heard alot about it, apon reading online i am pretty sure i have rheumitoid arthritis and not fibro....my joints swell and get hot and red....and my muscles ache as well...its worse in the morning time, and as it gets colder here its getting worse...but i try to get out of bed and take my dog(shes a pharaoh hound) for walks, shes full of energy and then sit in the hot tub to loosen the swelling........ :) hope everyone is having an amazing day.!
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and as far as talking to a pharmacist, that was my first idea and i did and they said it would be fine but id be extremely tired...like you said...i dont wanna be a vegitable! I just wanna be as pain free as positible and be able to go back to work.... :( but thank you for your response

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Agreed i think most PM drs feel the need to be suspicious and rude, esp the indian ones(i am not racist) but she talkd down to me and lookd at me like i was a drug addict. she tried giving me an anti depressant and wouldnt even listen to me. Now i am not a violent person buit i was hurting so badly and she kept pushing on my body and being rude i really wantd to kick her in the face. my god. she was AWFUL, i refuse to see her ever again. what makes them think they can treat ppl like us like ****, like we are lower than them bc we have pain issuess? ugh. it was degrating and a waste of my time. anyways lol ok im done.....
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I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and a number of other things.  I take a morphine drug and I was just prescribed Gabapentin.
I had the same problem as others with my "pain specialists".  Suspicious-Yes, Rude- No
Sorry you are suffering,...
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My PM guy and his PA are very nice.  
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I TOTALLY agree with Peek.  BOTH my PM Doctor {who's a man} AND  his PA {who's a lady} a WONDERFUL!!!!  Just so you know I ALSO live in Anthem, AZ.  I'm EXTREMELY happy with them.

I take Gabapentin and 5mg. Diazepam {generic Valium} and Percocet 10/325 as well as wear 87 mcg Fentanyl patches.  I've been on this combination for 2 months now. :)  

I'm VERY sorry that you are having the problems that you are having with your Doctors.  I'm afraid that a lot of it may have to do with you being so young as they need to be sure that you are having the pain that you are in.  I KNOW that it's NOT fair but as SOON as you have a FIRM diagnosis along with x-rays OR whatever tests are required to confirm your diagnosis then it WILL change.  :)  I'm VERY glad that you have a good Rheumatologist as I feel that I had the best in AZ and he sent me to MY Wonderful PM Doctor.  I HOPE that you will have the EXACT same excellent results that I did.

PLEASE keep us informed as I'm very concerned for you and the pain that you are suffering.  Looking forward to your update. When is your appointment with your Rheumatologist.

Good Luck..........Sherry
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I meant to ask you - I think that ALL of us are assuming that you DID inform your Doctor of ALL the meds that you are taking at the time that you saw your PM Doctor and she prescribed the Gabapentin to you - didn't you?

In fact I think that we ALSO assumed that your PM Doctor is the one that GAVE you the Vicodin and Gabapenten and POSSIBLY the Valium and if not then you informed her of the Valium. :)

Looking forward to your update.........Sherry
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listen guys this is problem mM.D.s dont know crap about autoimmune disorders RA doctors are just now making break thurs in last 5 years hence the stupid commercials..there are many other RA diseases like 3 diffrent myositis what u what to do is request ur medical records ..Did u test positive for RA factor ???Did u have sed rate these are set up on a electronic system where if levels are high they will be flagged...this test is best it opens doors so if u have RA Factor and high sed rate u have RA...if u have no sed rate but high RA factor u could have well i would say without looking mabey 5 max connective tissue diseses are often overlooked because doctors are  now finding out so if u can get past the pain med part c(cause thats what they think u want)and actually get a doctor to look and not be a jerk ur in luck lol ...AND PEAOPLE GABAPENTEN IS SUBS FOR LYRICA....i callit gabaduba it messed me up i got really fat couldnt stop eating i ate mindlessly it was awful i was on max dose from 17 meds to 5 lol ..........peple take zoloft (sertraline) this is good if ur in pain in know u can be depressed the best pain med that works well without drool is medical weed ...canniboids are naturaly made by the body when u take THC (weed) ur body stores it for later use UNLIKE ANY OTHER DRUG UR BODY GETS RID OF IN 72 HOURS AND NOT 30 DAYScause they are poision im not a fanatic i look at facts hope this helps will keep in touch lol .........keep movin huury up and rest lol
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My husband took Gabapenten, he suffers with Restless leg symptom and is on dialysis. it is a drug we use in the UK for Parkinson's disease, it did work for the first 4 nights but he was out of it all morning and with all the other drugs he takes for his kidneys he gave them up.
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I have been diagnosed with Sero Neg RA, very low sed rate, no Ra factor, does that leave me out of an  RA diagnosis? Tell my joints that !lol I take lyrica and am on Cymbalta , I on average do not feel great most days . I also take more meds for RA . I understand you concerns about meds and their side effects but it has been medically proven that you need to be on a DMRA or biologic which stops the progression, despite my pain my joints have not changed dramatically and I take that as a great sign!
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My Dr put on the GABA I took 3 one when I go the pricr and one at bedtime and the the next morning I had no motor skill my bladder stopped I couldn't get of bed without falling, is there something that does same with the nerve pain without the side effects?? Please answer I'm going to try and see the Dr again today
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There's a similar drug, called Lyrica. It costs a lot more, so you'll need insurance, but is more effective for neuropathic pain and with less side effects than Neurotin (gabapentin).

Talk to your doc.
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