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Changing my username?

I'm not concerned someone will steal my name but that can I?, How do I? , and When? 'THE OUTLAWS' an older group a much older boy Ran with the in group , and so it would be cool if I could change it to something with sunflowers or' green grass and high tides ' my favorite tune or one of anyway.  
Still not well in enormous! pain.  I end up letting the cat out, and back in again.   I took two extra oxycontins today,
and took a second hot hot bath!!!. wow..and now am nodding out .  This I don't like at all becuase it reminded me
of my old friend husband Chucky who used to nodd out with a cigarrette in his mouth after shooting heroin or
taking too much methadone ( in that year alot of people on methadone, and I was free of drugs just drinking with
my friends after work, and no heroin or illicit drugs)...but would see this of Chucky, and it just really angered my
friend she'd tryed to help her husband but he never did stop then they got divorced very much in love still but she
let go remarried and then one day got a call Chuck regurgitated and died.  He was 30, and left two kids behind who are both dealing drugs bigtime, and using them oxyconin, percocets, endocinm  I'm not happy and also don't want
to sleep too late and have to take a vaium to sleep  Ok.. there it is truth noddd nodd..so I better get off soon.
I have to accomplish something for work too. Sunday.  Wow.  Looks Like snow too...
I'm bet and not reaching for anything else gonna get to sleep which pray goes alright!  I have four 20mgs and 7 5mg oxy ims in my system, and am still in dire deep disk, bone, etc. pain in spine  betterinf
So I did not take my pain drugs as I always do wanted to test out doubling the dose which is part of the plan to
double it from 20 to 40mg twice a day ER not IM, and my ims.  I don't want to go up but my case is 10 times worse for about a month now.  I've been busy all week with work and business meeting and teaching a healing class.  I really need to talk this out but feel like a dope druggy you see on tv shows which are realisic.
Am just checking in
again wondering  how easy it would be to change my suicide name?  THANKS EVERYONE.
Praying for all of us, and next time like Sunday just write, keep busy, take waks, and stay out of trouble.
Thanks for reading my selfish experience here of my own choice.  I;ve had a great busy productive week
but now need to call God into my spirit.  Nite.  I may read a few more and then close down.
I have to redo my resume tomorrow for goodness sake  Peace.
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To change your screen name e-mail Emily at ***@****.

Hope this helps.

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Forgot that email address won't show on foruma....not even medhelp ones.

I'll send you a PM.

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