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Chest & back pain

I had open heart surgery about 3 years ago and have been doing great. But in April of this year I started to get chest pain and went to the E.R. but after all day in the hospital the conclusion was that it was not my heart. My cardiologist agrees.
The pain is mostly on the left side of my chest and also straight back the pain is just to the right of my scapula like it"s going straight through my body.
I sometimes get what feels like a mild electrical feeling that goes from under my left arm into my chest area and then the pain starts.
If I am lying down and I raise my head to put a pillow under it , the pain to my chest starts immediately, this brings on the worst pain.
Sometimes if I look down I feel the pain in my chest  but as soon as I straighten my head it stops.
Sometimes the pain starts in my chest and seems to go to my back and at other times it starts in the back and goes to the front.
Working makes the pain worse and lasts longer.
I take 2 Aleve an it helps a lot.
Any suggestions?
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You may also be experiencing a pulled muscle or pinched nerve. When you are setting does the pain ease up? When you rise from a chair, does the pain worsen? Also, another question. Do you have or have you ever been checked for scoliosis of the spine? That is when your spine grows crooked and curves in your back. I myself have it and continue to have back problems since it was found in X-RAYS in 1978. Once you hurt your back it will be hurt for life. All you can do is watch what you do and how you do it.
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Hi bill110. The symptoms you are describing could be the beginnings of a heart attack. Sometimes a heart attack on men starts in the upper to mid back region and can progress to the front, The beginning pain may not appear to be severe enough to cause you alarm, but I would see your doctor immediately for a check up. You have had heart surgery so I would not full with this problem. See your doctor right away.
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