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Chest pressure/tightness on left sternum

For about half a year now, I’ve had this strange pressure feeling that keeps popping up under my left breast/sternum. I don’t feel a bump and lately it’s lasted for almost a month. It doesn’t hurt, just moreso annoying pressure that won’t go away. Feels like someone is pressing a finger in that area if that gives any context. Anyone had this/know what it could be? Can’t really find anything online when I look this up.

Also I feel it at night sometimes and sometimes I don’t. I find that when I don’t think about it.. I don’t think it’s there. When I start thinking about it overnight I start to feel it. I’m in my 20s and workout regularly and eat healthy for the most part.
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It could be nothing or many things, including anxiety. Are you perhaps sleeping with a hand tucked under you, or a hand with a ring under your breastbone? It could be you are rolling a bit, putting pressure on that area, making it a bit sensitive.
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