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Chronic Knee Pain in a teenager?

I suffer from chronic knee pain. I am 16 years old (nearly 17) I have tried lots of things which are physiotherapy, exercise, ice, been visiting an exercise physiologist, visited a podiatrist and received orthotics. Found out that these orthotics didn't work, so got new orthotics. However I still get chronic knee pain. Currently I would say that it is 7.5/10. I am sick of this. hat can i do?
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Thanks guys,

I have tried talking to my parents but they say just ice it, you will be fine. We are a bit tight on money at the moment, so seeing an orthopedic specialist might break our budget.

I have no diagnosis yet. I have not really seen any other specialist other than a podiatrist because mum will not take me. And being 16, I usually need her to sign all the forms.  
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when I was 9 i started developing knee pain, and now at 23 i still get it from time to time. when i was 16 my knees were so bad i couldn't participate in PE or run at all. I ended up going to a specialist and physical therapy. I had some problems that only surgery could fix..and no I didn't have the surgeries done cause i felt (and still feel) like i was too young. BUT building the muscles around my knees did help relieve some of the pain. I would talk to your parents and see if you could maybe see a specialist
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Hello Kaylenm.

Welcome to our Pain Management Forum. I am sorry to hear about your chronic knee pain, especially because you are so young.

What is your DX ? Knowing the cause of your pain may help us with suggestions. What specialist have you consulted besides a podiatrist?

You are also a minor and therefore dependant on your parents guidance and directions. Have you discussed the frustration with your pain with them? What are their thoughts?

Regardless of your age you deserve to be comfortable. You may want to suggest to your parents that you consult another physician, possibly a rheumatologist or an orthopedic pediatrician.  

I wish you well. Please feel free to let us know how you are doing and provide additional information.

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