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Chronic Left Abdominal Pain

I am a female in my late 20's and I have been experiencing lower left abdominal pain for about 2 years. I went to my primary care doctor about a year ago and went through several tests.  First, I had a CT and X-Ray of my abdomen.  From these, they determined it was a blockage in my left ureter (sp). However, after seeing a urologist for an additional test, he decided that that was not the problem.  I then had an ultrasound to see if it was problems with my gallbladder, pancreas, etc.  Nothing.  I then had a colonoscopy and an endoscopy and all came back normal.  I then went to my gynecologist and had an internal ultrasound and still nothing.  At that point, my doc said she didn't know what the problem was and we would just wait it out and see.  Now, the pain is worse than ever.  Sometimes, I get the pain a few times a week.  Other times I can go a few weeks with nothing.  It doesn't seem to follow a pattern.  Some mornings I wake up with the pain and it lasts all day.  Some days it starts in the middle of the day and is gone by morning.  Typically it lasts for about three days and then stops for a few days.  On a scale of 0 - 10 the pain is about a 6 to 8 and it gets worse when I am sitting or laying down.  Exercise does help, but only during the exercise. The pain returns again once I finish.

Any advise on what I should consider next?
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I really don't know or have any ideas what would cause your pain.  Maybe your liver or intestine?  I just want to wish you the best of luck and tell you not to give up.  Perhaps getting a second or third opinion ect... until you find the cause.  

I personally don't think that waiting is a good idea.  It's been 2 years and you still have this awful pain.  Your doctor now sounds like they are giving up and have no idea what the problem is.  I'm so sorry. :(
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What was the "internal ultrasound" of?

Why is your PCP/Family Physician not addressing your pain issue?  "Wait it out and see?"  She does not think two years is long enough?  That is crazy.  Sounds like she does not want to do much for you.  

I would recommend having the CT of the LLQ repeated with oral amd IV contrast.  
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Wait it out and see is not a good idea. I think you need to find another doctor cause at this rate how much pain do you have to deal with before you get treated? Have you ever thought about a pain doctor? Sometime if you can't find out what is wrong with you, it is a good idea to see another doctor or to just go to a pain dr and see if they can help you out. It is not a good thing to just wait and see. My mother inlaw has been in so much pain since winter and it just kept getting worse and her dr told her to just wait and see, well she don't do anything now but sit in her house, she quit going to watch the grandkids play ball, she quit going shopping which she loved and she is depressed so I really don't think the wait and see is a very good idea.
I hope you find some answers that you need.
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First, we want to welcome you to the Pain Management Forum and we are really glad that you found us.

I'm so very sorry that you have had to endure this tremendous pain for such a long time (2 years). No one should have to go thru that without having some idea as to what is going on.

Are there any type of a research or teaching Hospitals around the area where you live? So often when the Dr's are at a loss as to what is going on with a patient a Teaching Hospital is an EXCELLENT place to go, because of all the research that they do. It might be worth a try. The only other thing that I might suggest is that you might try a Rheumatologist as I noticed that you didn't mention you had seen one. I'm thinking that maybe this is some sort of deferred pain from your skeletal area. Just thought that I would toss that out...:)

I wish you the best and I'm truly glad that you have found us. There will be more people on here tomorrow that might have some really great ideas as to what you are going thru.

I hope that  you will keep us updated as we are all concerned about what you are encountering. Please take care....Sherry
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You've already gotten some excellent advice.  If you're hurting, something is wrong.  That is how your body tells you.  Have you had any surgery?  Any infections in the pelvic or abdominal region?  Do you get nauseated or run fever?  Has your gyno performed a laproscopy on you?

If a reason isn't found, ask your doctor (any of them can do this) for a referral to a pain management physician.  You need one who specifically treats abdominal pain.  They are out there.  You just have to find one.

Good luck to you.  Please keep us posted on how you're doing.

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Hello Ledecd,

Welcome to  MedHelp's Pain Mangement Forum. I am glad that you found us and took the time to post. Two years is a long time to go with undiagnosed chronic pain. You must be miserable and confused by the pain and I am sorry that you are hurting. We all know how disruptive CP can be to our lives.

You bank of physicians seem to have performed the usual and customary tests. I can't think of one that they may have missed for abdominal pain..  

The randomness must surely have your physicians stumped. Are you keeping a pain diary? It should include a list of everything you do and eat. Even the smallest of things may help provide a clue as to what could be going on so I would be very thorough.

Have you seen an orthopedist? You could be experiencing referred pain, meaning it's felt in one location but originating in another. I would consult an orthopedist to rule out any spinal structural issues or similar possibilities.

It's interesting that your first CT revealed a blockage at your left ureter. If I am reading your post correctly that is the only positive findings you have had. I also suggest that you see another urologist. Renal colic is painful and occurs when you pass a kidney stone or gravel. Stones can be ever so small, develop and move very quickly leaving traces behind for only a few hours which explains why a urologist would see nothing days or a weeks later. Please don't misunderstand me. I am not a diagnostician nor am I saying that your pain is related to your urinary tract system. I just think it is worth looking into again.

If your pain is not cyclic it doesn't seem likely that it is based on ovulation. However a second opinion from an OB/GYN may not be a bad idea either.

I see that Sherry has already told you what I always suggest. See physician(s) or (specialists) that are affiliated with a large teaching hospital. They seem to be on the cutting edge of medicine. If you are not states away from one of the nationally know clinics I would consider that facility also.

You could see a rheumatologist but I don't think your pain is inflamatory induced which is more of their speciality. But again I am not an expert and I guess you have nothing to lose at this point.  

A wait and see attitude is okay if you are not in pain and have no current symptoms, which obviously is not true in your case. So that approach would be unacceptable to me. New eyes and a some thinking outside the box may be just what you need to reach a diagnosis. Our body signals us that something is wrong by producing pain. Listen to your body. Be assertive. You are your own best health care advocate.

If after all your medical investigations they are unable to determine a cause of your pain you at the very least deserve pain management. Don't give up. Keep searching for a diagnosis. Please let us know how you are doing. I will look forward to your future posts with interest. No one should have to suffer with untreated chronic pain.

Take Care,

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