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Chronic Pain Management

Since April this year I have gone from zero medication to taking seven types of medication to treat my nerve pain in my feet/side effects of medication.

I currently take Gabapentin, Lansoprazole, Laxido Sachets, Magnesium, Lidocaine Cream and recently added is Morphine (MST) and Salbutamol Inhaler.

I am at the maximum dose of Gabapentin for the nerve pain and I am currently waiting for a specialist appointment with a neurologist.

Since taking Morphine my asthma has flaired which has resulted in me taking alot of my reliever inhaler which has worsened my sleep, anxiety and caused muscle tension/cramps.

What are the various alternatives/options to morphine (Narcotics) to manage the pain?
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Hi Adam,

Please pardon my tardy Welcome to our Pain Management Community. I'm sorry to hear about your increased medical issues since April.

The literature states, "You should not take morphine if you have severe asthma or breathing problems." Indeed Morphine is known to trigger asthma in some ppl.  Actually morphine can trigger an attack because of histamine release. Histamine is a potent bronchocontrictor thus has the potential to induce an asthma attack.

There are multiple opiates that may be more effective and appropriate for you, especially given you have asthma. I am not a physician - and to suggest a specific medication for you would not be prudent. The phenylpiperidine class of opioids are said not to trigger asthma attacks, as they do not release Histamine. Again talk to your Physician.

Gabapentin was not very effective for me. I had to take such large doses that the side effects far out weighted the benefits. I found that Lyrica was far more effective - almost a miracle drug for me - and at far lower doses. Sadly it is very pricey.

I wish you the best and hope you'll feel free to ask additional questions and make comments her and on our forum. Please let us know how you are doing.

Take Care,

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Hi Adam, some of my specialists have suggested a formal pain management course which involves doctors, physios and pain management psychologists. I haven't done it yet as I'm not really into it but I think that's because I haven't been able to accept I have a chronic pain syndrome!( it's been a year) apparently these programs make a huge difference to your life. Maybe you should NOT follow me... Go and do the program! Good luck!
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I agree. I have accepted I have Chronic Pain - but I haven't a won't accept that I have Chronic Pain Syndrome.

In my humble opinion are pushing this term and using the DX more since they began what they call the "War on Drugs" - which has become much more like the "War on Chronic Pain Patient." Maybe I'm over sensitive.

I believe there are reasons for continued pain. The medical community for the most part doesn't like to accept that idea - but it's my belief. I hope I'll never be forced to go through that program.

But as you suggest - it may work for Adam, or others. It's not a horrible program and for some it works, in varying degrees, especially if you're new to CP.

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