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Chronic Pain

I have had chronic pain for ten years, since I was 24 years old. I injured my back, and I ended up having a laminectomy and then a cage fusion with bone morphogenic proteins. The pain returned about three years ago when I had another disk herniation above my fusion, I have been to pain management for three years now. I was involved in an accident a few months ago and now I have neck and shoulder pain as well. My question is the numbness and tingling has gotten really bad, and I am worried that they are missing something. I just had a nerve conduction test done but I haven't received the results yet. I have so many spasms from the accident in my neck and shoulder area it hurts so bad. It is also burning right around my shoulder blade. My physical therapist says its from muscle spasms but I herniated a disk in my neck during the accident and I believe it is nerve pain. Should I continue to let her deep massage my shoulder and back area to get the muscle knots out? Can she cause more nerve damage? Also, my right big toe has started becoming spastic, it will litterly freeze in an awkward position for a full minute, and hurt like heck, then it finally relaxes. what does that mean? I have a lot of nerve damage in my legs, the pain management doctor did a radio frequency ablation on 6 of my nerves back in February, do you think they are growin back allready? I can update u you with the nerve test results when I get them but in the meantime I am very nervous about how much pain I am in. I am also feeling weakness in my legs when I am walking or at rest (at night). Thank you kindly.
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I'm sorry your in so much pain. I have an anterior fusion with hardware and bone too plus a neck injury. I have nerve pain in my arms and left leg related to this. Have you tried Lyrica for the nerve pain? It really did help me. I have been off it because we've been trying for our first child and really notice a signifant increase in pain. I don't think massage would be harmful if the person is trained in back and neck injuries. It actually helped me quite a bit. Also consider trying tizanadine or brand name zanalex for the spasms. Maybe a combination of thing will help to improve your symptoms. Astor the nerve conduction study I was told that it isn't the most accurate test. It can come back looking normal about half the time and it really isn't. A warm moist heating pad, swimming, modified yoga, acupuncture, walking can all help as well. Hope you can find something's that reduce your pain. It's tough living with chroinc pain physically and emotionally.
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Thank you for your comment.
I have tried lyrica, it made me gain over 40 pounds so I am on topomax now. I also am taking tizanadine for the muscle spasms. I am hoping the Nerve study will show what is really going on but we will see. I have tried the heating pad and ie, but my Physical therapist said for me to only use ice. I may try swimming and acupuncture, they sound promising. Thank you
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