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Chronic foot pain, NOT neuropathy.

Hello! I have a post in "Undiagnosed Symptoms" but I thought this night be a more appropriate community for me. I am a 29 year old female and I have been experiencing chronic pain for the past two years. The pain is widespread throughout my body, but it is concentrated in the bottoms of both of my feet. So far after tons of tests, procedures, bloodwork, imaging, and specialists, my only diagnosis is a derivative of Fibromyalgia called Central Sensitivity (or Sensitization) Syndrome. The Mayo Clinic Neurologist described it as a more concentrated form of Fibro. I don't show all of the signs of Fibro like the trigger points, so it was initially written off.

I also don't have Peripheral Neuropathy, as there is no damage to any of my major or fine nerves. (Extensive testing including Nerve Conduction Studies, ENGs, and Tilt Table Tests ruled that out.)

Is there anyone out there that has this foot pain that is not associated with diabetes or neuropathy?

Any questions you'd like to know that might help you to understand my situation and I'll gladly answer them.
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I don't have your symptoms (SX) or diagnosis (DX). I'm sorry you have chronic pain - but am glad that you have a DX.

I also want to welcome you to our forum. We have multiple members with various pain producing SX - some are most always monitoring this site and others check in from time to time. I'm hopeful that others can share their similar situations with you.

We can offer you support and understand in this beast called Chronic Pain. I look forward to hearing more from you.


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Thank you Tuck, I greatly appreciate that :)
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Hi  :)

First let me join Tuck in welcoming you to our Forum!  :)   I don't have what your suffering from either, but my late husband died from Diabetes and even though you don't suffer from that disease the type of pain your having in your feet sounds like the type he suffered from but for a different reason.  After watching him suffer from the terrible foot pain, I can certainly sympathize with you over the horrific, never ending pain.

My heart goes out to you even more so because you are so terribly young and are saddled with this never ending pain.  I hope that your Doctor can find the answers that you so desperately are searching for AND deserve!  :)  

Have the Doctors been able to give you ANYTHING that gives you any relief at all?  I hope they will be able to help you and soon.

I suffer from Osteoarthritis and because of this I have foot pain.  Now mines from arthritis in my hips that send the pain down my legs to my toes.  I'm NOT suggesting that you have arthritis BUT my Doctors have given me a prescription for special shoes AND inserts that are molded to specifically fit my feet and.take the pressure off the balls of my feet.  I can't emphasize enough to you the difference in the way my feet feel when I walk and when I'm just sitting and relaxing as the p resource is off of them.  You might ask your Doctor's if they think this might help you.  Just trying to come up with anything that might help you alleviate some of the searing pain you are feeling.

My thoughts are with you and I, too, hope you will keep us updated on how you are doing.  

Looking forward to hearing from you often and hopefully you will have something that will help with your pain, not just your foot pain but all the pain your experiencing over your body.

Best wishes........Sherry  :)
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OOPS! I see that "spell check" took over part of my answer. LOL!  

The word "p resource" is SUPPOSED to be "pressure".  Now maybe it will make more sense to you (and me).  LOL!

Again, I wish you the best.....Sherry. :)
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NamNam thank you for your kind words! I have seen a Rheumatologist at the Mayo Clinic down here in Florida, and he seemed to be of the opinion that I absolutely could not possibly have arthritis at my age. I don't believe that to be true, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I have it... Just that my age doesn't determine whether I could or not. I will be seeking a second opinion.

As for the diabetic neuropathy, I have done numerous tests for diabetes and for neuropathy separately. If anything is clear, it is that I do not have blood sugar problems, not do I have nerve damage anywhere, including my feet. They tested both the major nerves and the fine nerves in my legs and arms.

It's interesting that you mention your condition because my neurologist once spoke of how problems in your spine can account for pain in your feet. He ordered a ton of spinal MRIs, and he did find some narrowing in my spinal canal as well as a bulging disc in my lumbar. He told me that it wasn't significant enough though to explain the type of pain I'm experiencing. Also, I don't experience the shooting sensation down my legs that you described, and the pain is perfectly even on both sides.

My Podiatrist told me to buy some Asics and some orthopedic inserts, and so far I have not noticed and change in my pain. Could you tell me the name of the shoes you were told to buy that helped so much?

I've recently read about a couple of conditions that I will be doing more research on... CRPS Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (or RSD Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy), TAH Tactile Allodynia Hyperalgesia, and POTS Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Symdrome.

Thank you again for your insight!
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Hi and welcome. This is a great forum to be a part of.  I don't have anything to add to help you figure out the pain. I'm just offering you support and understanding. Having chronic pain is very frustrating.  
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