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Could this be kidney stones????

Hi!  I know this probably isn't the best forum for this but I know all of you and trust you.  Also, others have posted about kidney stones here in the past.

I have a terrible pain on my right flank.  I wake up with it and it only gets worse as the day wears on. It is going on a week now.  I've been more nauseated than usual.  I also have more severe pain in the bladder and groin area.  My Lortab aren't even touching this.  I am still on my feet but just barely..

I drink lots of water. I have dry mouth from all my meds and the dental bills to prove it!  But this is really getting old.  I know I should go back to my PCP but I just don't even want to see another doctor for a while  That's all I ever do these days.  Now I have been more active than normal this past week and I'm exhausted.

I haven't been posting here much because I am hurting so badly with this new pain added onto my adhesions and neck and hands and on and on.  Sorry, I'll be better in the future.

Can anyone give me some insight here??? PLEASE!

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I've been very concerned about you but was HOPING that you weren't on because of the new additions to your Family (Momma and Baby Kitties).  This is my worst fear of what was going on with you!!

You know what I'm going to tell you - don't you??!!

You know that you MUST contact your PCP tomorrow and find out what is happening before something happens that is so severe that you will wind up in terrible trouble from it.

Please call the FIRST thing and let us know what you find out.  I'm not extremely knowledge about this but I'm afraid that you could be dealing with something along those lines.  Do you remember how you were pushing me to get my UTI checked out? Well, now it's your turn!!!!

I'm sending you Love and ((((HUGS!!)))).........Mama Sherry
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Hi Sherry:  Yes, I know I need to go to the doctor but Lord knows I don't want to!!  It's just that this could possibly be something else.  Something I can ignore.  But it won't go away and it's getting worse.  

I'm always telling others to go to the doctor.  I guess I should go.  But I feel like a little kid knowing they're going in for their shots.  NOOOOO!
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I know how you feel, my Dear Friend.  You have gone so much lately, I don't blame you at all.

However, you are my Friend and I don't want you to take any chances, especially since it seems to be getting worse and not better!!!!

Sending Love and (((HUGS!!))).............Mama Sherry
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Aww, Sara, I know how you feel.  It does feel like we're forever going to doctors for all sorts of different things and I'm sure you go to the doctor with your kids, too.  Sometimes I feel like that's all I do. Between me, my dad, the kids and Michael (who is a baby and cannot go alone,) I feel like there is some sort of medical appointment nearly ever day.  

I'm not sure what other thing you think it could be BUT you've been having this long enough that it needs to be checked.  I've never passed a stone, but I've heard it can be very painful.  I think you need to know what this is and what your options are.  (I know they can sometimes blast them.)  And I know you can have kidney stones that cause a lot of pain when they move around but aren't actually being passed; so that could go on for a very long time.  I'm not sure if it would possibly open you up to infection, but my guess is it could.  Especially if they start trying to pass and there's trouble with it.

If you didn't have the bladder and groin pain, I'd also possibly think gallbladder, but even with that, you'd still need to have it checked.

I know the feeling of waiting to see if it goes away ... but please, please call this morning.  Just think, if you do, you could potentially be feeling MUCH better by tonight or tomorrow.  Maybe they can give you something to help with this.

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I think you should go to your doctor as soon as you can.  I know it stinks, I dread going to my doctor for any reason...feels like I already live in doctors offices, lol!  

I personally have had kidney problems just about my entire life.  I have something called Medullary Sponge Kidney.  So I've had my fair share of stones and infections.  I think it sounds like you could have a kidney infection, but stones are a possiblity.  In my experience, I feel the type of pain you have when I have an infection.  It is so important to get it checked out asap if that is the problem.  I have had 1 kidney infection years ago that landed me in the hospital for a week and nearly killed me.  Not trying to scare you, but just want you to get it checked out soon.  

Hope you feel better soon!
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It very much sounds like the symptoms I get when I have a bad bladder infection.  I feel the pain in my kidney and bladder area, all the way down.  I was on 100mcg Fentanyl and could feel every bit of it.  
Definetly get it check out!  It sounds like you have a lot worse symptoms than I did when I thought I had one last.  They sound very much like how I feel when I know for sure I have one, though.
I hope you get it check out and that you feel better soon!
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Thank you everyone!  I just got back from the doctor.  I do have a slight fever but nothing to write home about. Normal urinalysis and CBC.  But the pain is indicative of renal problems.  So I'm not going to stop a new diuretic the doctor put me on just prior to this starting.  If this isn't it, I get a CT probably Friday or Monday.

He also brought up the possibility that my adhesions have moved up to greener pastures. my kidneys, ureters or gall bladder.  Great, just great.  He says it's not normal for this to happen but with my history, he said he'd not rule out anything.  I'm still the only person that several doctors in Denton know who swallowed a crown and it ended up in the little pouch where my appendix used to be!  That was fun.  My first colonoscopy.  Sorry for that little diversion.  

I can barely walk.  This is very painful.  If it doesn't let up I will have to go see my PMP.

Anyway, I pray staying off the diuretics does the trick.  Thank you again for your help and support.
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Oh, Sara, I wish there was more immediate relief in sight for you.  This sounds sooo painful.  If you have to have the CT, I hope it's Friday, just to move things along a little faster.
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Thank you Mellie!  You're unfailingly kind!  Yes, this still hurts.  But I get to go to the dentist so now I have something more to dread than the pain in my side!

How are you sweetie?  Any better?
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I'm sorry I am tardy to your post. I've been having some sporadic computer problems. Grrr Grr!

I am so glad that you went to your PCP and I am so sorry you are having more pain. It doesn't sound like you obtained any concrete answers but at least your PCP is concerned and looking. You can't ask for more than that!

If your UA was clear you probably don't have a stone. I have chronic kidney stones and can attest to the fact that the pain is acute and excruciating.  Believe me, if you have a moving stone you won't wonder if you have one. The pain is so acute it will send you to ER.  It is worse than childbirth....that's been true for every person afflicted with kidney stones that I know. When I had my last stone which was "Hummer" sized I wouldn't even allow the ER physician to touch my flank.  If you had tiny gravely stones it would still produce red blood cells in your urine which should be dected on a UA.

Your symptoms do sound renal. I hope that it will pass or be related to the diuretic. I feel so sad when we cp patients have to endure even more pain than usual.

Please let us know how you are doing. I'll be thinking of you.

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