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my mom has a bad stomach ach she cant get up at all alot of pain she has a bad cramp and she feels like throwing up help she is in alot of pain
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Hi. I'm sorry your mom isn't well. Has she called the Dr? Alot of pain could mean any number of things is going on. If she can't get up or go to get help, ask her if she wants you to call your emergency numbers for her.If she doesn't respond to you, call 911 or your emergency medical doctor and tell them what is going on. They will help you know what to do. God bless.
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Is your mom running a fever?  Is she able to keep down liquids?  If she does have fever and can't keep liquids down, you should see if you can get her to the emergency room.  Is there another adult you can call?  A friend, neighbor or relative?  If there is an adult available, please ask them to come over.  Your mother may need to be seen in the emergency room now!

Good luck to you and your mom.  Please keep us updated on how she's doing.
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call 911..get her to a hospital to be seen by a DR. Good Luck. MaritimeFox.
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