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Cured my own chronic joint pain?

Hi, I have a question about applying pressure to the nerves. I seem to have completely healed a chronic pain condition I've had for years and would like to know if this method I've come up with is safe.

I'm 24 and I've had chronic pain in my back and joints for the past 7 years following an injury I got when overstretching my back. Sitting, walking, standing and pretty much any activity has caused me a great deal of pain in my back and joints. It's made having a normal life very challenging and has been a constant source of annoyance, and sometimes torment for me over the years. I've seen a number of doctors and gotten very little help beyond just receiving pain killer prescriptions. So for almost a year now, I've been doing some experimenting on my body, from different kinds of stretches, to various exercises and massages. About two weeks ago, I caused all the pain and stiffness is my body to completely go away by digging into what I believe to be the places where my nerves overlap my bones. Starting at my elbow, I followed the until-then-perpetually-stiff muscles in my triceps to where they meet the bones of the elbow, and forcefully massaged what felt like a knot right up against the bone. My tricep immediately relaxed. Then I did the same to 2 or three spots on my shoulder, neck (right below the occipital on either side), sternum, hips, buttocks (agains the pelvis) and nearly a hundred other spots all over my body where tense muscles seemed to attach to the bone. Digging out these "knots" was excruciating and I'd often get an electric sensation running through that area, or sometimes all the way down my leg, so I assume these spots are where nerves touch the bone. All the pain and stiffness in every area I dug into went away, and my 7 year chronic pain condition seems to have almost completely disappeared. I can sit, walk and seemingly live a normal life again and I'm still having trouble believing this is actually working, but it is. What exactly is it I'm doing, and is it safe to do?

Thanks for any help,
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Sure, it has long been known that applying pressure to certain areas in the body can help relieve pain. The theories and practice of treatments like trigger point therapy, massage, and the eastern practices of acupuncture, and acupressure are based on this phenomenon.

Whether the positive outcome of this treatment is beneficial because of peripheral nerve stimulation or an increase in blood flow is irrelevant -- as long as it works for you, keep it up.

Best wishes.
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