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Cut Off For False Neg Urine Test (Cancer Patient)

I, like many others have been sent here via the search engines due to trying to find some kind of rational to my hurtful and humiliating experience today. Fortunately there is a place where at least we can be heard and understood. Thank you.

Needless to say I have read a ton of similar stories here, and please let me say that I do understand the Dr's position on these things.

I've been taking 7.5 Norco for chronic back, neck and shoulder pain due to a MVA, for several years. One every 6 hours as needed. I also take several other medications, one being Valium, 10 mg every four to 6 hours as needed for stress to help combat stress related seizures, and RMVP with associative panic disorder which I have had for 26 years. The MVA occurred in that time frame as well.

I have moved or changed doctors due to their retirement, being a temporary replacement etc... Each time I change Dr.'s there is the constant worry that he/she is going to change my medications. Over the course of 25 years, it's happened more then I can count, and not just pain or anxiety meds, but seizure, beta blocker, GURD and TMJ medications, dosages and delivery methods. Seems every time I find a doctor that will truly listen to my various problems and actually attempt to help, I have to switch. I am a firm believer in the adage "If it isn't broke, don't fix it." But oh well, I'm used to it when it comes to new Dr's.

On this last move it happened again. All medications but 2 were cut in half. Of course I felt like a drug seeker just going into the office, even though I had viable reasons, and was told I would be on these meds for life. Like you guys and gals going through severe pain, it's not like we chose to be in this position.

I was actually very great full to this doctor, as he found the one thing bothering me the most, that others had failed to diagnose, and that was throat cancer. I'd been having some serious symptoms for 10 years. I was told by a ENT that the symptoms I was describing were ambiguous at best, He looked down my throat with a depressor, saw nothing, so no further examination was needed. Skip ahead 5 years and this Doc sees it very clearly. Of course I was praying it wasn't Cancer all this time, but he dropped the C Bomb on me at least 7 times that visit. The bad thing was how casual he was about it. But at least he found it and we can get the ball rolling.

Today I went in to see my Dr. for my monthly routine visit. He asked me why I was taking the Norco, and one more time, I explained the car accident, and my throat. He asked what was wrong with my throat...I had to giggle, because he always found it humorous when he remembered that he was the only Doc that found my problem. As soon as I mentioned that he had stated I had Cancer, he got defensive, almost angrily telling me he never said I had Cancer. Then, sounding very rehearsed, he told me that a urinalysis that I took last month showed I wasn't taking my pills, that he couldn't refill my Norco or the Valium, and neither would any Dr. associated with him. I had to sit there a bit and try to absorb what just happened, and finally flat out stated, "So you must believe that I'm selling them." He stated "I didn't say that." I was polite, just a bit shocked at what was happening. I asked him if the fact that I took small amounts or none for a day or two at a time might have anything to do with it, and he said.... "Not so much." I also asked if the copious amounts of water I drink (due to taking Elavil for sleep) could have a bearing on the test (my urine is very clear)... same reply. Offered to take the test today....again he said, "Not so much."

In fairness to me, he did cut the Norco script in half, and the Valium down to 20 5mg's instead of 60 10 mg's, so I do have to work hard to make them stretch. The end of the month is difficult, but I did take a half a pill the night before that UA and a 4th of a pill that morning...none the day prior. But it still should have shown up.

The entire time I've seen him, I have always been my cheery self. Never complained about having my dosages or amounts changed, gladly signed the contract, and happily took the urine test without question. Even in serious pain, I am a happy vivacious woman. Not much dampens my spirit, but watching this Dr. who's thorough exam and diagnosis may help save my life, just turn his back and walk out of the room without so much as "Have a great life," and right before Christmas, pretty much broke my heart.

Not having my pills is going to be hard, but honestly my biggest concern right now is the fact that he and the entire staff now think I'm a drug dealer. We live in a smallish community, and the ramifications of this negative test on my family are just now hitting me.

The Oncologist is one he referred me to, and therefore associated with him. Now he will treat me differently as well, along with the staff at the hospital... Dear Lord.... I feel like a pariah.  

I'm sure this is sounding like rambling, so I'll close by including all the medications I do take, in hopes that perhaps there may be something you guys know that may cloud the test.

Lamictal 200mg
Robaxin 100mg up to 4 times daily
Rohypnol  10mg at night
Omeprazole 20mg 2 times
Tenormin 50mg 2 times
Elavil 50mg bedtime
Simvastatin 20mg
Norco 7.5mg
Valium 5mg

Thank you so much for your time and let me know if there is anything I can clear up...my thoughts, and therefore what you are reading is likely a jumbled mess.

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