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Cymbalta vs Savella for Fibro pain?

Hello All!

I hope everyone is doing ok. I've been a little MIA for a bit...lots going on. Our landlord went into foreclosure and we have to move (awesome), so we've been feverishly looking for a new home. I'm dreading the packing, moving, and unpacking part and what that is going to do to my pain level. Ugh. I've already began to have a pretty nasty flare up just from the stress of it all. :(

Anyhow, I saw the doc yesterday and she wants me to switch from Cymbalta (which I really don't think does anything for my pain, but it does help with my depression) to the "latest and greatest" fibro med - Savella. The one thing that makes me slightly suspicious is that she had a stack of samples of it on her desk and she declared she had JUST got them from the rep. I just can't help but wonder how "in the pockets of the drug companies" some of these people really are. I know that if it's a new drug, it's going to be expensive. HOWEVER, IF it works...I'd pay a million dollars to have my life back...blah blah blah. :)

Anyone tried it? Any reviews? I've read some online. Some folks seem to swear by it. Some have awful stomach issues with it. I know that everyone is different. It does have three times the norepinephrine that Cymbalta has, which makes me a little nervous with my anxiety issues.

I AM a little nervous about coming off of the Cymbalta. I have read that it can be rough. She wanted me to start the switch today and I've decided to wait. I am going on vacation (YAY!) next week to see the Dave Matthews Band play in Chicago next week, which is my grounding and relaxing. I really don't want to have any issues while I'm gone with physical or emotional side effects from the "med go round" as I like to call it when I'm switching psych meds. So I've decided on my own to wait to do this until I get back. I think that's a smart call. :)

Anyhow, feedback is always appreciated!

Hope you are all comfotable today! Hugs to you all! :)
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Hi KittyKat,

I am sorry that a move is in your future. I can't imagine the pain that packing and unpacking will produce! You have my empathy!

I have not tried Savella. I do not have Fibro so it makes sense that I wouldn't have been prescribed this new medication.

Like you I would try about anything my physician ordered to reduce my pain levels. Hopefully one of our members will have personal information for you.  I also would postpone beginning the new medication IF my physician approved.

I hope you have a great time at the Dave Matthews Band in Chicago. Enjoy and regroup.

Please let us know how effective the new medication is for you after you've been on it awhile. Glad to hear from you again.

Take Care,
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Hi!  I'm going to ask my doctor about this.  I'm using the Cymbalta for the fibro and depression.  But I'd love to hear how it works for you.  Oh wouldn't that be nice if this is the wonder drug!
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Thanks Tuck. She isn't in on Fridays, but I did call and leave her a message with my plan and why I wanted to wait. I told her to call me back if she had problems with it, but I doubt she will since she's pretty big on my imput on things like this!
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I've tried both Cymbalta and Savella for my fibro - Cymbalta did nothing for my pain at all - Savella made me HORRENDOUSLY jumpy, irritable, heart racing, loose stools, etc.  I will NEVER touch it again.  I've heard of it helping some people, but I've heard more negative reports on it than the good.  Mine was definitely one of the negative experiences.
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hmmm....that's what I'm worried about with it. Definately not what I want to find out on my trip. :) I will try it, but jumpy is not what I want to add to my anxiety issues! I also ready that Cymbalta helps with Dopamine and Savella doesn't. And my understanding is that Dopamine helps with pain. Interesting.

Sara - I will definately keep you posted on my experience with it. Have you tried Voltaren Gel? I love it!! It's not a cure all, but it's great for those times when you are waiting on a pain med to kick in, meds are wearing off, or if meds aren't cutting it. I use it on my back, shoulder, neck and hands. If you haven't tried it, see if your doc will let you try some. It's an anti-inflammatory topical gel. I cannot take anti-inflammatories, but since this is topical, not enough gets into my system to cause me issues. It's been a great "tool" for the tool box. :)
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Check out some of the experiences with Savella on the Fibromyalgia forum here at MedHelp.  Again, there are some with good experiences and others with bad.  For my fibro I take Remeron for depression and Lyrica for the pain.  It gave me back my life.  Yes, in the first week or two there is a sedated feeling but it goes away.  With both Savella and Fibro the key is starting at a very low dose and increasing gradually as needed.
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Thanks Kitty!  I've got Voltaren gel and a Tens Unit.  I use them both A LOT!!   I just want you to know that I'm SO SORRY you lost your home.  I cannot even imagine the anxiety and worry you must be going through.  You go on the prayer list!  I always pray that God grant you peace.  Peace is what you need right now.  And a good dose of pain meds!

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