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Anyone find themselves getting depressed about all the medications that they are on?  What do you do for it?
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Oh Sunshine, I'm sending you TONS of  ((((HUGS!!)))) from a substitute Mom!!! (I hope that you don't mind me saying that.) :)

Sara, as usual is RIGHT ON THE MONEY.  :) I, too, am SOOOO glad that your appointment is just around the corner on next Tuesday!!  I'm so proud of you to realize that sometimes we JUST CAN'T DO IT ALL BY OURSELVES WITHOUT SOME OUTSIDE HELP!!!

I've said this before but I think that someone was watching over you (and you know what me too!!) when you  (and me) found this site. I think that is a blessing for all of us that this site came along. I sure wish that I'd found it sooner. But who knows maybve we found it when we were supposed to, so that the Friends that we met were here so we could help each other!! f we'd come at a different we might not have ever found each other as people come and go on here a lot it seems. I think it was meant to be that You and Sara and Jamie and me were all meant to meet as well as the other wonderful people on here like Tuck and Sandee and Molly and Gemini and oh my gosh I could go on forever. But you get the picture!!  :)

Please try to relax tonight and get a good night's sleep. I probably won't be on during the daytime as much this summer as my Autistic Granddaughter is out of school now. She loves to play on the computer!! So NamNam will have to take a back seat during the day. (I'm sure that you guys will understand.) But I'll be posting at night UNLESS I am ABSOLUTELY exhausted, which does happen sometimes.)  :)

Please try to get a good nights sleep....Sherry

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Yes a few people have been talking about this the last couple of days. Just remember that your on the meds for a reason and being off them would cause you to be in even more pain. Just like someone with high blood pressure or a diabetic they have to have the meds to live and CP people have to have the meds to go day to day, to be able to live a somewhat normal life. You can't be down on your self it will only make your pain worse, well it always does for me.
Hang in there,
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There's nothing about pain that brings to mind, anything positive. And so, there will always be periods of personal lows. However, as I can think of some of those times, I also smile when I think about the great days and times that have come, after them. There is always a better day to come. As a matter of fact, you can count on it!
So yes, as we approach those low periods, positive family, friends or new friends can aleveate the low of lows. And you know what, it becomes second nature after a while. I see medications as one set of my friends, because without them, if you think you have a level of depression now, well add, unbearable pain along with it, and see how bad things can really get. Learn to count your blessings. They are there to count!  Take Care, Pmartin
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I apologize for being rude! You are very right about being frustrated, and I experience the Depression, and the doctor put me on Pamelor or Nortriptilyne(SP). I wish you luck! and apologize greatly! I profiled you and i apologize for that!
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In my opinion I think some of the medications cause depression.
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Thank you for the apology and I appreciate it.  I'm hoping to make some great friends here, I'm going to see a psychiatrist on Monday to deal with the stresses of everyday life, plus the fact that my brother just came home from iraq injured, and dealing with my sister and her baby has me quite on edge. It's bad enough to deal with chronic pain, but to also deal with everything else has me a little down.  

Jamie, Pmartin, and Totie thank you for your input. I hope to be dealing with this a lot better!!
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