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Did acupuncture work for anyone?

I dont even know how to spell acupucture. But was wondering if anyone has ever really had it work for pain management????? I have back problems and fibromialgia and kidney stones and I have my first appointment on Monday. Just wanted to start a poll on this subject and get the "real" deal from you guys.

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Hi Greg,

For what it's worth: I went to 8 acupuncture sessions at $85.00 a visit. I found it very relaxing but at that price I could think of other ways to relax. She knew nothing about my medical condition. After the initial "exam" ($125.00) she told me several things that she could not have guessed. Her "exam" consisted of inserting needles into different areas of my body. It was not an exam like a physician might conduct. I had three kidney stones in my right kidney, not moving. She told me I had a problem in my right kidney. She also told me my right knee was not functioning as a whole unit. Twenty four years before that I had a complete tear of my ACL. I had not had surgery to repair it, then they didn't do that unless you were an athlete. She had no way of knowing that fact. I have a slight limp but it is a left sided limp not right sided. She also said other things that she could not have known unless she were legitimate.

It was extremely relaxing and very interesting but did it help my pain???? No. I think I wasted my money.
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WOW!!!! I had the same thing happen last night at my first appointment. EXACTLY!!! She was taking my pulse and said things that FREAKED ME OUT. She said things that were EXACT, perfect and I was blown away. However, I found the session very relaxing but today my back actually hurts worse. Problem is my wife is sold amd now I dont now how Im gonna get out of going again. GRRRRR.
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I had a few acupuncture sessions for low back pain before I knew I had a disk problem. I had intense muscle pain because my back was trying to stablize itself. The acupuncture got rid of the muscle pain and tension, but uncovered the root cause of the pain. I got an MRI while I was seeing the acupuncturist and when I told him it showed bone spurs and arthritis (because the doctor didn't mention disk problems), he said he couldn't do anything to help me. I didn't get all the exciting "How could he know that?" experiences. I think chronic pain may be something they can't handle, but I know some people really believe in them for other ailments.
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Okay so I had a little different experience.  I had fell in a store while they were mopping and hurt my neck.  I had went to have x-rays and physical therapy.  I was on anti inflammatory and pain meds.  I could barely turn my head.  This went on like 3 mths. The ins. co. of the store that was paying the bills suggested I try acupunture and it worked for me.  I was relieved after the first visit.  I know this may be rare but it is true.  I went to Jackson, Tn and had it done.  I do wish you luck.  
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I know my sister says its a God send for her but I had no luck at all.
Please let us know how it goes and if it helped you at all. I hope it does work for you:)
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