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Dilated eyes

Anyone's eyes ever get dilated?  I'm only taking tramadol and don't understand why my eyes look like this.  
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I havent heard of Tramadol doing that. My father in law takes it and I have never noticed that. Maybe someone else will have some ideas on why this is happening. Did you go to work today?
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If my eyes were becoming dilated and it was noticable, I'd be making a trip to the doctors or neurologist.  I don't know what could be the cause of your pupil dilation. There are certain medications, especially antidepressants that will dilate your puplis.  I'm unsure if the Tramadol is the cause.  You may want to give the doctor a call, they may want to discontinue the medication.
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Please, my dear, go and check this out. Don't wait as you don't know what might be causing this. I've never had this happen but I'm not on the same meds that you are. I hope that you will call your Dr. and check with him.

Please keep us updated.Thinking of you....Sherry
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I take Tramadol, I have just looked at the info sheet that comes with them and there is no mention of dilation as a side effect. It does mention constriction (getting smaller) of the pupil, I get this. Check your info sheet as a double check. I would deffinetly call your doctor!
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Mydriasis is an excessive dilation of the pupil due to disease, trauma or the use of drugs. Tramadol works differently on different ppl but I have not heard of it dilating pupils. There are other things that can cause this though it could be related to the Tramadol.

Please contact your physician. You may also want to call your local pharmacist. He/she may have better answers for you. They are are such a good and often unused resource.

I am so sorry that you seem to have so many issues. My heart goes out to you and I will be thinking of you.

Take Care,
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I'm not an expert, but maybe Tramadol, when combined with the Lexapro, Trazadone, and Clonazepam that your psychiatrist prescribed you, are having some sort of strange interaction?
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