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Do I have the right as a patient to interview PM docs if I am not happy with mine?

I have been w/my PM Dr for 4 years. I started out as a cash pay pt  because during that time I was granted SSD, then waited 2 threats for my Medicare to be effective. I had already been on Subutex for chronic pain for a few years and started seeing her because my previous doc raised their prices to way more than I could afford. I have been happy with her up until the past year. I was on 8mg 3 times daily, which my previous doc had put me on due to a neck surgery/post op pain (ACDF C5-6, cervical foraminotimy C 4-5) After a few months, she decreased my dose to 8mg twice daily and told me I could take an extra half occasionally for severe pain as long as I balanced out on other days to still only use 60/month. I 'presumed' she documented these instructions. When my Medicare started, she recommended procedures, ie ESI, Cervical nerve ablation, etc to try and help the radicular pain. Prior to having those done, my neurosurgeon wanted an updated cervical MRI, which showed 2 newly HNP above the level of my previous cervical fusion. She did 3 cervical ESI's and medial nerve ablation over several months. During a tele-visit one day during COVID, I mentioned to her about a few times I had to take the extra 1/2 (as she had instructed me) a few times that month. She freaked out and screamed at me that I was going to have a heart attack. I was very confused. She had sent me for EKG'S every six months to check for a (rare) condition in which pts on Subutex can sometimes get a heart arrhythmia that can sometimes lead to atrial fibrillation. All of my EKG'S were normal and I've never had a history of heart problems. At this point I'm in pain I can't live with. I can no longer take NSAIDS due to a complication after a routine colonoscopy(no ulcers). My doc has no empathy, is very short, curt and rude to me, has no empathy and does not even try to be gentle during procedures and jabs needles into me without warning. She tells me I can take Gabapentin, Flexeril and Subutex prior to procedures, but DON'T need a driver to get home afterwards (?)
My question: How do I interview to find a new PM Doc without her getting pissed off and discharging me? I mean, I do have that right don't I ? Sorry this is so long, I've had chronic pain for 20+ years and I don't want to be treated like this. Please lmk I will fill in any blanks needed.
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Yes you do have the right to interview (consult) other PMs to see what other options may be recommended and to determine if they are able/willing to assume your care. HOWEVER- do not sign any contracts or accept any prescriptions unless and until you have severed your care under your current PM- preferably in writing.
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