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Doctors can't diagnose my condition

I have had ongoing stomach problems for years, started off on Nexium so I could take Panefen Plus for extreme period pain ( I had already been taking it extensively before going on Nexium). The Nexium was to aid my discomfort when taking Panefen which I believe was what started my stomach problems. After a year the Nexium started to wear off. Pain in my stomach got worse due to growing anxiety and depression, was put on Codeine for pain but as I am now sensitive to anything with Codeine or Ibuprofen, it did not help. Then was put on Rabeprazole. That helped a little but the pain came back.

I have been put on and was successfully using Paroxetine Sandoz to treat depression and anxiety, sometimes the stomach pain came back while on it and it was a persistent, pressing pain which made me feel incredibly uncomfortable. I came off Paxil and tried Pristiq. Didn't work for my mental health problems so I came completely off all medications and then started on Lyrica and after 2 weeks went back on Paxil.

The pain resolved it self up until a month ago, I ate food with chilli on it and that completely set me off. I now have the pain back, nothing much helps. I tried Paracetemol which helped a little and came off Paxil. I'm not having any luck with the doctor, she doesn't know what the problem is after blood tests, xrays, ultrasound, ct scan and endoscopy. All these came back clear.

I'm not sure what to do.
My doctor put me on Fluoxetine, I only took one as the morning after (5am) I woke up with worse pain and it prevented me from sleeping.
The pain is constant and that's what hurts so much, it is not 10/10. I'd say it's 6/10 but the constant feeling of it is making me more anxious and depressed. It is stopping me from sleeping properly. I was making good progress with my anxiety and now I have gone backwards, I am no longer getting out of the house to volunteer and it is impacting my quality of life.
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hmmm im a guy and i pretty much had a dull pain in my lower left abdomen
i went through lots of tests .....
my chiropractor fixed it in the end
i had subluxations in my spine he had to correct
trust me i was worried i had stomach problems so much and it only made it worse. ...
i know the feeling of this pain destroying your life and you dont even want to wake up in the morning ... i will message you too if you miss this :)
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Worry and anxiety are expressed in the stomach and gut.You might ask your Dr. to give you a short stint of benzodiazapines and see if those help.So you have had an endoscopy and negative? Colonoscopy? No hietal hernia found? The SSRIs can cause anxiety themselves. You must find one with a metabolite that agrees with you. I tried Prozac and Zoloft . Zoloft was origially marketed as a weight loss drug. I lost weight on both because they made me nervous and upset my STOMACH. SSRI's are like statins in that everyone cannot take them...........Unless you are suicidal, I'd have my DR. titrate me off all SSRIs, then go have my thyroid checked. just a thought.
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Another Idea. Do you wake up at night feeling like you are dying? You are frazzeled and your heart is beating very fast? or like something is very very wrong. If not nevermind. If so you probably have sleep apnea, which can wreak havoc on your body..........
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