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Doctors says she has to reduce doasage

Hello I been on opana 7 10mg a day 3 in the morning one at noon and 3 at night now she says she has to bring me down to 5 a day or equivalent to 100mg of morfhine is that correct I been on that dosage for 3 years it's all ready taking a toll on me what can I do. I'm in ca.  
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This is the new world. Pain patients will not get any real relief due to the newest CDC and DEA regulations. They want everyone to be at at maximum of 90 MED ... for now. Eventually this will be even lower, for a maximum of 90 days, then no more medication at all. Please talk to your Congress people, and let them know what a devastating impact this will have on your life. It is crazy  but it is happening, in our own USA, scary times.
So this is really true from our own country regulations I been trying to obey her rules and it's been hurting me already  thanks
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Is your doctor a pain management doctor? It makes a big difference.
Fntn good suggestion.
My doctor is a medicine doctor but my chronic pain doctor will take me back.  I'm in ca will that make difference
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I have already felt the burn from this B.S. new guidelines! I have been w/ my Pain Clinic for 8-9 years and I have always followed the rules. But this last visit they cut my MSContin from 30mg. 2x/day but left the percosets at 4x/day. Gee, how nice they are! GGGggggggrrrrrr!! They told me it was due to "new guidelines" from the FDA & CDC.
I had no warning this was going to happen! I am pissed off!
I have sent out messages to my congress people, please do the same or we will be unheard, the people taking about the evils of pain meds are everywhere.
I will write them too its just such bull... some people can;t get out of bed because of pain..Wish I could move to another country!!
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It's so upsetting because these are "guidelines". They are not laws. Drs are freaking out all over the country. I could understand it if these were true laws but they're not. The Drs are trying to cover their rears because Drs do talk to each other. They need to do their research to find out what is legal and what is not. Drs took an oath, first do no harm, and that's exactly what many of them are doing.We're losing people who have been thrown out of PM for ridiculous reasons, people are being under medicated and can't take the pain. The suicide rate in the chronic pain community is steadily rising and no one cares.
I'm not talking about all Drs. There some that truly care about their patients and are not afraid of the guidelines.
Like FNTN said, we have to band together and fight this. Write to your representatives, sign petitions, do your research and educate your Drs.
Many of us are being treated inhumanly by the medical community and it's a disgrace.
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