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Does Suboxone Help with Chronic Pain

Hi everyone  ... I was wondering if anyone could tell me if Suboxone helps with Chronic Pain? I've had 3 lumbar fusion's since 2016. I've got osteoarthritis in my lower back, severe nerve damage, spinal stenosis, failed back surgery syndrome, edema in both hips. I'm having a bit of trouble in pain management. Anyway... I was  Just wondering if anyone  Has taken suboxone for chronic pain? And if so, has it helped you at all? Thanks a bunch!!
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Suboxone is typically used for addiction, and contains naloxone. You MUST be in moderate withdrawal before using it, scoring I believe a 26 on the scale before taking any of it. Otherwise you can be thrown into Precipatated withdrawal .
I would suggest discussing this with your PM doctor before considering this option.
Some have gotten relief, most have not.
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Thank you for the information, but I started on it for chronic pain and it has done so much better for my pain than any narcotic medication I've ever been on.
CoastBella, I am glad to read you are seeing relief with it. Some benefit from it, others do not.
A word of caution, suboxone can be addicting and abused. I don’t know what dose you are on, but don’t stop it suddenly or take an opiate in place of using it because most opiates will cause precipitated withdrawal if you combine the naloxone in too close a time frame. From my reading, stopping suboxone is very very difficult, so if you decide to go back to opiates or stop the suboxone, make sure that a medical professional guides you. Best wishes to you.
I’ve been on SUBUTEX for pain , for  5 years not Soboxone. It’s Buprenorphibe without the naloxone which is  an opiate blocker. And oh yes, suboxone will send you into precipitated withdrawals if you take anything narcotic. And it’s hell. Honestly wish I’d never have started,  as trying to come off of it comes with its own nasty set of issues. And it’s eats up the calcium in your bones. On my 3rd surgery, tried coming off & could not take the pain, so it absolutely has helped me with pain. Catch 22...., there are so many options for people who need pain management. Taking the least amount of something weaker & least addictive would be my first choice if I had know better.
Good luck to you.
The dang catch22, right?  Ugh.  Yes, I understand the theory of being strong out of the gate to knock out pain and maybe you are on it less time. but in reality, I'm with you, weaker and least addictive is safest.  Hope all is going well for you.  It's a struggle sometimes, isn't it?
It sure is. Living with chronic pain is a challenge. Trying to find the balance between enough medication to reduce the pain, while trying to keep doses as low as possible for the long term. I rely on a blend of meds, ice/heat, stretches, topical ointments, muscle relaxers, and at times , simply reducing my activity to manage. So far it’s working.
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