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Does a plastic surgeon have the right to quesion my primary doctors treatment plan?

I went to a plastic surgeon for a consult on having a mole removed. I listed all meds on the intake sheet. She became very interested in why my Primary doc was prescribing Norco (10mg) for pain related to hernia repair with mesh over a year ago.
I was not doctor shopping, I take the meds as prescribed, and this medical issue has absolutely nothing to do with why I was seeing this plastic surgeon.
Is there a chance she would interfere and question my doctor? She mentioned I should be in Pain Management. Thats probably true but my primary hasn't brought it up because he understands that I don't want to be on pain meds for much longer.
Is this any of her business anyway?
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I know why she questioned your reason for being on pain meds and why was your primary was prescribing them. It's because almost no primary Dr will prescribe pain meds any more. We're being forced in to pain management.
I don't think she had any right to question why your primary was prescribing your pain meds. There is no law that says he can't do this.
If she brings it up again I would politely ask, does this have anything to do with removing my mole? And add that you're on them short term so there's no reason for you to be in pain management.
I'm not sure how involved your surgery is but you might want to tell your primary about it. I say that because you may need an increase in your meds for a few days after your surgery. I think it would be best to get your pain meds from one Dr, if you do need them after surgery, because if you have two pain prescriptions from two different Drs there could be problems at the pharmacy. Yes, our pharmacies can question and even refuse prescriptions.
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Hi, I don't think she had a right to ask you either.  I think it's wrong.  My husband is in pain management and I try not to write it down the medication because of the judgement that comes along with it.
So sorry
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