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Does pain worsen if under a lot of stress

So yesterday I was under a lot of stress and just got worse as the day came to an end. Long story short, I went to bed crying.
What I did notice, was that when I started getting stressed out at work my back pain was increasing. Keep in mind that I am on the Fentinyl patch, even though, my pain level was about a 10 (10 being worse). By the time we were getting ready to leave (9:30 p.m.) I was already limping, I couldn't walk straight and couldn't put too much preasure on my left leg. To make matters worse, driving home was terrible, being that my car is a stick shift, it was hard for me to change gears.
So when I went to bed, I ice my back and place pillows under the legs. All night I had like a fever, I sweat so much that I had get up and changed my pjs... aside of sweating the whole night, my legs were tingleling and you know, we get that numb feeling down the legs, and that REALLY hot burning sensation on the lower back.
The next day I get up and the feeling starts wearing off.
I went to church in the evening and as I was sitting there, I could feel the sharp pain going down my leg coming back again. Now night time comes and I'm feeling the same again.
It's not the first time I get this way, I just notice that if I have a hard day, wheather it's work or stress, it just gets this way.
The funny thing is that I just posted how well I was doing with the meds and I was at a point where the pain was manageable.
My question is, do any of you ever feel this way, and if so, what causes it for you and how do you manage that...
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Oh yes ! Stress makes my pain so much worse! I get real tense and tight in my muscles and start having spasms.I haven't experienced the same symptoms as yours but ,I think stress affects us all differently and of course everyone's body responds differently.I try to read or do something to take my mind off things .Also , my darling hubby put a jacuzzi in our bedroom so I spend a lot of time in that .It's wonderful ! I also love herbal teas so I have several different ones to choose from .I choose according to my mood .Another thing that helps is I do some deep breathing exercises.These are some things that help me get through .I do hope things go better for you .Best wishes Melissa
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Oh gosh yes, sweetie!!!  Stress can do all sorts of evil things to your body.  We have a member here named Jaybay and she has described relaxation methods.  I'll see if I can find her post for you.

When I feel stressed, I try to go somewhere quiet.  Probably not an option for you with little ones.  But remember to breathe.  I know it sounds silly but stopping to take few slow deep breaths can help.  Try to picture in your mind something or somewhere relaxing.  I go to the beach in mine.  If the room can be darkened, cool and quiet for a while, the better.  But I've got 3 kids myself.  But mine are teenagers.  When they were little, I'd tell them that Mommy had to go to time out.  They'd ask what I did.  I told them it was what I was thinking of doing!!  Fortunately my babies were fairly well behaved and would either play a game or sit at the kitchen table and do crafts while I was in timeout.  I went outside where I could see them and they could see me.  But it was quiet and it worked.

Also, you may want to ask your doctor for a mild sedative. A very low dose of whatever she thinks is appropriate.  Used judiciously it can be a real help.

I hope my experiences help you.
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My Goodness yes!! Stress is one of our (CP - Chronic Pain Patients) worst enemies. That's one reason so many Pain Patients have meds specifically to combat the Stress in our lives.

The  minute that you get stressed out your muscles will automatically stiffen up and the Pain will go thru the roof.  It's just a part of a CP Patients way of life.

I'm so sorry that you had one of our Nightmarish types of a day. It must have been so terrible for you. I do hope that you are beginning to get over the feeling now and able to control the stress a little more each day.

Just keep in mind that EVERYONE is like this, not just you. The more Stress, the Pain will go thru the ceiling and end up at about a 19+ on the Pain Scale (if you are like me).

I try to lay down for awhile and turn on the TV (so I don't have to concentrate on ANYTHING) -LOL. Or I'll get on MH and talk with my Friends. That ALWAYS seems to help me a lot.

When we have a Tressful Day it doesn't matter WHAT type of Pain Meds we are on. It will probably Blind side us no matter what!! THAT'S where the BT meds come into play and HOPEFULLY will do their jobs.

I'm so glad that your back on an even keel now. I hope that your life stays stress free!! (Wouldn't that be GREAT!!!)

Take Care and Keep us updated on how you are doing...Sherry

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Hi Guys!!!
I have another concern (only I ) ... I'm still not feeling all that great. I work on my feet all day and today I was two hours late. It was the Fibro, my back, my legs, and again, I had that heavy numbing pain on my bottom half. Does Fibromiyalgia get worse w/ stress as well....
I called my doctor but I missed his call and they are closed for the weekend... Right now the BT meds are not working too well and the patch isn't too shabby either..

Oh, and how can I just get all my conversation in one... I have some here and I talk about other stuff in others. Since a lot of your names have become familiar, I would like to just talk to that specific group... How do I do it??? I would like to get the advice and talk about everything and anything to this group and since I'm new to this, I don't know how to put it together :)

P.S. If sometimes I am not making sence, it's only because I do this at the end of the night and by then (aside of the fact that I want to say so much), I'm a little tired :)

look forward to hearing from your guys !!!
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Hi ! sorry to hear you are feeling so rough .I don't have fibromyalgia  but I would think stress would affect any condition ..As far as just talking to one group I am not sure how to go about it or if you can .I am sure someone else here will know .I would say as people get to know you they will post when they see you.So it would be somewhat like what you are talking about.Everyone I have talked to have been so nice and welcoming .I am glad you found it .If there is anything I can do to help please let me know .One thing here is everyone to some degree understands what you are going  through and how rough it can be at times.I really hope you get to feeling better and I will watch for your posts Take care and God bless Melissa
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Hi Lett.

I'm so sorry that you had another "off day". Yes, your Fibro will DEFINITELY get worse with your stress. Unfortunately, it's one of the things that will get worse first because of the muscles tightening up when you feel the stress coming on.

I wish that there was something that I could say to take this pain away from you!! When you start to get stressed at work and you feel those muscles start to tighten there's not a lot you can do except take a BT med to try to help. The other thing that you might see about is asking your PM Dr. about getting something that will help with your stress that you are constantly under. Tell him everything that you are going thru at work and at home. You know, thing that stress you at work and the fact that you are raising a 17 year old AND a 3 year old (which would stress ANYONE).  :)  Hopefully , he will be able to help you in someway.

Please know that we are here for you ANYTIME day or night. I hope that you will be able to get some rest over the weekend and feel better next week.

Hope you feel better...Sherry

I'm so VERY sorry that you missed the call from your Dr. I hope that you can get in touch with him early on Monday. Hopefully, he can figure something out with the BT meds that will give  you more relief.

As far as keeping your posts together to just talk to one group of people, it doesn't work that way. What you are doing now is the way that it works. Each time you think of something new that you would like to discuss you just post it (just like you did this) and then everyone will answer your post.  

With your posts being open to everyone, that way when new people come on that may have a great deal of knowledge about a subject or may need advice on something that you have posted then they also can give information or get  information that you are also getting. That's the way that this Forum works. It's for any CP Patient that needs all of our help. :)

You have asked some really good questions and have helped a lot of people with the posts that you have posted. We're really glad that you are posting and being an active member on here. I'm glad that we have been able to be of some help to you also!!

So you don't need to worry as you are using the Forum in exactly the correct way. Just keep posting when you are able and I promise you that we will do our VERY best to help you in any way that we can.

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I am so sorry you are dealing with so much pain and stress and yes stress makes my pain soooo much worse. I could be having a great day and one of the kid will act up and start throwing a fit, gotta love that right and then I feel the pain getting worse so I just have to walk away from them and let my husband deal with it. the day my best friend called me I just took my pain meds and she told me her husband killed his self the night before and omg the pain went thru the roof!! I try my best to try to control my stresss around me but we all know how much that works. With you working on your feet all day that don't help. Have you tried to talk to a shrink? Some people find that very helpful and I am thinking about doing it too that way I can control how I feel when I get really stressed out so I can control it and my pain. I will be going back to work soon and I know that will cause even more stress on me but I have to do my best.
Hang in there and call your dr first thing monday morning.
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If I have one hard day working away from home, or work more than two days in a row, my pain increases.

I used to try relaxation  exercises and the like, but finally moved to substitute status ( I work with special needs students). Not worrying about sick days, not worrying about driving home while in horrendous pain, having more control over my time and getting the rest I need further than relaxation and physical therapy exercises ever did.

Yes, stress can increase your pain. As far as I am concerned, there is no such thing as "good stress" once you have developed chronic pain.
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"..., having more control over my time and getting the rest I need further than relaxation and physical therapy exercises ever did."

Should read:

" Not worrying about sick days, not worrying about driving home while in horrendous pain, having more control over my time and getting the rest I need  works better than relaxation and physical therapy exercises ever did."

Typo ergo sum.

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Thank you guys so much for all your input, I was unable to get my e-mails on my phone and sometimes I would home beat up so I really wasn't able to check my e-mails from home.... but I'm back and love to go on this sight and hear everyones input. I love that this site was able to put people together from everywhere with physical problems like mine and being able to get all kinds of imput. My doctor did put me on Cymbalta 60mg and also gave me xanax for anxiety. Look, I know everyone is going through something but as for me, I lost my husband, my cars, my home, and the girls and I went from living in a 6 bedroom house to having an amazing friend letting us stay in a bedroom. So I didn't work for years and with all this health problems, I'm having to work and barely making enough to eat and to pay my doctor's billls and meds... I do thank God everyday for what we do have don't get me wrong, but what I am trying to say is that when I was having all these issues I was able to manage well cause I had means to. Now, ALL this and this new lifestyle stresses me out everyday. The economy is not helping either, but I do pray to get a job where it will not take such tole on me. Sometimes I come home and can't even walk because of the pain. Sometimes I wonder if not being on any medication would it be better financially, but then what would I do... Then I think I wouldn't be able to work at all...
See the reason I wanted to share that with all of you is because I wanted to let you know at what extent this stress is.
Thank you guys for listening... If you guys know of any where to get our meds cheaper or free for people that don't make much, please let me know.
My doctor use to be my neighbor so he's gracious enough to see me for a low cost. Even when I need shots or epidurals, he'll give me a good price, but when it comes to buying meds, well you know I have to go somewhere else....
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Oh sweetie, you are in a bad state.  You must be such a good wonderful person for your friends to help you.  But even with help, I cannot even imagine walking in your shoes.  My hat is off to you!  

DO NOT get off your medications.  You need them.  It would only make the situation that much worse.  The money you spend on meds is worth every penny.

You might try the website of the med's manufacturer.  There may be a way they can help you pay for your meds.  Worth a try anyway.

Good luck.  I really feel for and admire you.
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