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Dr lowering RX dose, still in pain

has anyone else have their Dr start lowering your dose of pain meds without giving you a "real" reason? I've had CRPS (RSD) for over 5 years now, and within the past few months she's weaning me off of them but not giving anything else to help with the pain. She keeps stating people in China do not have the drug issues we do here in the USA, I told them to test me. I don't know what else to do, anyone have any ideas? any help would be appreciated, I'm at a loss.
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I would ask her to refer you to a pain management specialist immediately. The only problem I can see is that some pain specialists only make recommendations on what you should be taking for your pain. They assume your primary care doctor will then prescribe whatever medications were recommended. If it's your primary care doctor currently weaning you off your pain medications, and your still in pain, then maybe you need to find a new PCP. Some doctors don't believe that pain medications should be taken long term. These types of doctors obviously haven't had any pain for a prolonged period of time, or they wouldn't have this "no pain medication" policy. I think it's scary that these types of people can call themselves doctors. They think that prescribing narcotics does more harm than good, even when the patient is in constant pain? I don't know what's going on in China, and think your doctor should start concentrating more on what's happening right under her own nose, and forget China altogether!
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Well, you're not in China.  I have rsd, along with other pain issues.  I don't know what meds you're on.  Narcotics aren't the best choice for rsd, though it will take the edge off.  I can't take neurontin or lyrica, thoughmthey seem to help some.  I have had some relief with nortryptiline.  Have you had any procedures, like lidocaine infusions or stellate ganglion blocks?  I,ve had limited help with those.  RSD is a very painful condition and very hard to treat.  Definitely life changing.
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I have seen one, they don't agree with what's going on but said it's up to my primary care Dr. There was a case in another state that some woman was taking over 300 narcotic pills a month?? So now the DA has the Dr's in this area reducing all meds for everyone. Marycarmel all it does it take off the edge and nothing more, Neurontin does help a little. I've not had any procedures like that because all the specialists I've seen have said not to? nothing invasive so I'm really scared about anything like that now. yes it is life changing, and sometimes not for the better =(
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