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Dry skin/rash AFTER fentanyl patch?

I had been using fentanyl patches for about a month. I would wear them on my side/hip, switching sides every 2 days when a new patch would be applied. I noticed while on the patch that my skin would kind of swell up and turn red and get very dry, usually around the edges of the patch (sandoz gel type).

Well I havent worn any patches or taken any fentanyl in about 3 weeks. But I still have a red rash that is very dried out feeling compared to normal skin. And the entire area where the patches were used is like this, on both legs, to the point where you can clearly see the area of dry skin as a big square shape--same shape as the fentanyl patches.

Has this happened to anyone else who has been on the fentanyl patches? I know that getting a red rash is a common side effect of wearing the patch, but I cant find any info on the rash lingering long after the actual patch has been removed.
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I am sorry your having this problem. Your correct that this is a common side effect but not so long after the patch is removed and not used any longer. What are you treating the rash with? I would suggest keeping it moisturized with a good lotion such a cocoa butter and if that does not help maybe the doctor can prescibe a creme that will help it heal faster.
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I havent really been treating it with anything besides regular body wash/soap until today when I also put some moisturizing cream on the dry patches in the shower. Both of them do seem to feel slightly less dry and flakey but definately still noticeable to the touch and eye.
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Sorry I am late you this thread I experienced horrid raised red rash on my fentanyl site. My PCP prescribed a cortisone cream which quickly cleared it up.

You may want to discuss this with your PCP to determine if a cortisone cream will work for you.

Hope this helps.

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My mother also used this Fentanyl patch and has a  horrible red rash crawling up both of her legs and on her bottom (Behind end lol)

Also swelling of the feet. We have been to the ER, but the DR's just prescribe her a cream and its been a while and the rash is not getting better OR going away. Also, she is off the patch. I wonder if these are connected.
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