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I've got Fibromyalgia quite severely and cannot walk very far before I need to stop (100 m at the most) I have always loved walking and cycling but since I have developed Fibro I am literally housebound. I am working with physio/hydro-  and occupational therapy. I have gained lots and lots of weight.over the years Any ideas of what I could do? I am doing Tai Chi but I don't seem to get past 2 repetitions per exercise (just warming up exercises) before I could scream in agony???????? Please help I am really quite desperate to become more active!!!!!!!!!! I forgot to mention that I also have early degeneration of the spine. (my lumbar spine in not very functional any more and I seem to have the same trouble in the mid thoracic spine)..Osteoarthritis...low vit D levels (I am being treated for that)
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You need to ask your doc to let you try low-dose naltrexone.  Look it up and print out info to take to him because he may not have heard of it.  Insurance won't cover it and a pharmacy has to mix it, but it's only about $40 a month and it could be the answer you are looking for.  It doesn't have side effects like prednisone.  

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Hi Moodbirdle and welcome to the forum.

I have seen your comment at the Fibro Community and I thank you for your
kind words.
Caryopteris has a good suggestion in regards to LDN as it is safe, inexpensive and it might work. The challenge is to get a doctor to prescribe it initially, since it's an orphan drug (expired licence-no profit incentive and it's low dose) and off label for your purpose.
Another suggestion is, as I mentioned at the Fibro community is to do
Dr. Barnes Basal Temperature Test for low thyroid, just to rule this out.
Please do a search for it or pm me for details.
The weight gain as well as some of your pain, can be partially explained by the lack of adequate activity, certain medications, low thyroid function, carbohydrate metabolic issues, or any combination of these.
The 2nd thing to test is grains,sugars and specifically gluten intolerance by doing an elimination diet.
There are different ways to approach it.
1. Omit ALL grains and sugars from your intake (A). If you feel better within a couple weeks, then switch to just gluten-free (B). if within a couple weeks, your symptoms return, then go back to the grain and sugar free.
(A) is relevant to yeast overgrowth and increased tartaric acid interfering with your Kreb's cycle(metabolic process)
(B) is relevant to gluten intolerance/sensitivity/celiacs.
Note, you must familiarize yourself with all the foods that contain gluten,
should you indeed be gluten intolerant or sensitive. They're plenty which you would NEVER suspect.
2. You may try Dr. Coca's Pulse Test for allergies, sensitivities, intolerance to anything ingested and it will indicate any substance your immune system treats as offensive, including any delayed effects!
It is a free download and it is not mainstream at all, but it works!

You may also do a search at the Fibro Community for "IWILLDOTHIS",
a thread I started in the past where you will find many suggestions to help you deal with Fibromyalgia symptoms better.

Hope this helps and should you have any questions you may post again or
if you prefer pm me directly.

Love & Light
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