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Expression and healing through music?

I'm wondering if anyone else has found that music has a way of helping you through the lowest parts of living with Chronic Pain?

My husband played this song for me when I was at my most depressed about the thought of facing a life with chronic, daily pain...and the line that struck me the most was "if she can find daylight then she'll be alright...." because I can remember so many nights lying in bed, in agony, just thinking "if I can make it to sunrise things will be better" because for me, daytime was always better because there are things to distract me and I don't feel so alone.

I just wanted to share this song and get other people's thoughts on using music as a healing agent....this song is by Rob Thomas he wrote it about watching his wife's struggle with Lupus:

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Hi Ashelen,

By all means, I think music can help at different times when we are in pain.  It can be VERY relaxing and you and I both know how much better the pain can be when we are relaxed!!!

I know that MANY members on here have expressed how they enjoy sitting and relaxing to music or reading books or both.  I'm just glad that we all have different things that help us get through some of the WORST times when we are enduring our pain!!!!

By the way - good song!!!......Mama Sherry
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I love that line...about making it to daylight.   Sometimes I just have a goal of making it to the next hour.

I don't care much for music when I'm in pain, though.  Not sure why.  I turn on trash TV and vegetate.  
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Physical pain, psychological pain, emotional pain...Music has ALWAYS definitely helped me to cope, without a doubt!...and oh yes, it makes sense that the night time hours can so very often catch us at our very lowest...I think for many that is very common.
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Music is a HUGE HUGE part of my life. I love all kinds...relaxing...jamming...happy...sad. I live through it. And when I'm up for it, I love going to concerts. I call them my "church" :)
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Ashleen I'm right there with you daylight is so much better bc of the distractions! :)
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