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Extreme pain in hip down to foot...

It's definitely been awhile since I've been here everything looks amazing!
I'm here as a patient this time. I was in a hit and run accident and doc has found two ruptured disc in neck and also two in my back.
I'm familiar with that pain but my legs starting from my hip to on down to my toes are in such excruciating pain all I can do is cry it's that bad. Any ideas what this could be and do you have a remedy fur three pain/ I don't even have reg pain mngt yet. I just really need some kind of solution here. The pain is unbearable my feet are red also.
Thank you for your time.
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Hi I am so sorry to hear about your accident.
What type of doctor are you seeing that told you about these ruptures?
If the discs are ruptured and not bulging. I would see a neurosurgeon to ask for help.
I had a ruptured disc in my back a year ago, I got to the point where I could only walk with lido derm patches and a TENS unit along with Advil, a lot of advil.  I had to have surgery, I had pain from low back to hip to foot.  My leg was considered to be paralyzed.  I had no choice but to have surgery.
I hope you can find some help.  I don't know if you looked however there aren't many people on here so it might take a while for an answer. I hope more knowledgeable people will be a long soon, Dee
Good luck, Dee
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The ruptured disc was crushing my sciatic nerve, I was experiencing crushing pain as well as electrical shocks
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I have a similar issue. My lumbar vertebrae are crushed and fractured so the pain starts in my lower/mid back and progresses downward thru my hips, knees, feet and toes. The pain increases the further down you go and is symmetric. There is also a mild numbness that goes with it as well.

I've seen a pain management doctor for two years with mild success by using large opioid dosages. This is being cut back due to the new CDC guidelines. So it's back to the starting point again.

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FNTN, I am so very very sorry! I wish I had an answer, there is nothing worse than being in pain, never getting any relief.  My thoughts and prayers are with you, Dee
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