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how do i get my pain management dr. to try another pain pill, i have told him the 1 that he has me on which is 10mg.oxycodone 3x a day is not working, i no that there are many, many other stronger pain meds. that he could try to see if they work  I HAVE FIBROMYALGIA
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Hey Suzy.
Welcome to the forum.

Oxycodone @ 10mg injected will produce the SAME results as morphine
for most people. I'm mentioning this to point out that these types of drugs
are opioid drugs, potentially habit forming narcotic drugs.
The fact that they are prescribed legally, does not make them any less
dangerous than street drugs, other than the fact that their "quality" and strength are consistent with what they claim.
While it's good in a way that oxy is not helping you, it is not in the strength
of a particular drug that you will find relief, it is in its efficacy in your body
to help you manage pain. Discuss this with your prescribing Dr. and have him help you wean off Oxycodone.

Your LOUD mention of Fibromyalgia tells me that you are fed-up with the effects of this condition in your everyday life.
You are ready to surrender to any strong drug that will tame this beast, perhaps without much concern or regard for possible consequences.

From my experience, the patients who are more proactive, knowledgeable and empowered, have a better chance for long term improvement.

Unfortunately, stronger drug intake, is not only disempowering, but may contribute to further deterioration by inducing greater activation of the JNK
gene, a gene which when activated leads to chronic serious disease development

There are many non-drug approaches for addressing Fibromyalgia effectively.
If you're interested, please let me know, and I can offer you many different  viable suggestions.

Wish you well.

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Suzy, Hello. You might want to try neurontin, Lyrica or Cymbalta, these are usually better for Fybromyalgia than regular pain pills because they work on the nerves that cause the pain where as the narcotic doesn't. At least maybe try these in addition to your current regimen. Good luck to you.
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