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Failed Fentanyl urine test

I am in shock to get results back that they said I have NOT been on my patches! How in the world could this be? I remember feeling miserable then but not totally. I dunno. Anyone PLEASE any idea? Of course they discharged me too! But I had already seeked for a new MD because they were so rude there. Meanwhile I am on Norco again from regular MD but did not get many so hope this new referal goes thru quickly. But really I WAS wearing the patches, just having problems...ahh with them staying on..but I should have had something in my system. Thanks! Sheila
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Thank you for your response though I was upset at first because I am dead serious that I did NOT abuse this medication! But on the other hand I am sure you do get quite a lot of people here that do and are looking for ways around things and I can understand your question of my truth.
Regardless, I won't keep bothering people here about it anymore but if I do find out anything I will let you know. Just one last thing and to answer your question no, I did not sign my container nor see what the nurse even did with it. Now I know to be more careful in the future. But one thing I though about...I was using this very thick wound tape (I have wounds) covering the patch and wondered IF that could have blocked to patch from even working, but how I got through without realizing it I don't know. Oh well...I am going to follow thru with records and what have you...and yes see if they will do another test right away, though they discharged me already so I doubt that one. But I am not one to stop when I am basically called a liar like this clinic did so I am going to do whatever I have to figure this one out. Thank you for your help though and I will still be around. Sheila
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You say:

" I had to reapply new patches every other day, or day sometimes...at the end and that is why I called the clinic for advice and asked for a change since they were not working out".....

The Patches are NOT designed to be changed every day. If you were putting that much into your system, you would have had TOO much in the blood stream and it would have showed to be excessive in your urine.

The Doctor who prescribed the patch must have told you how to use them? I am shocked to hear that you would have so many questions regarding the use of the Patches. Also, there is a great deal of information that comes with each box of 5. Have you read any of it?

Again, this all doesn't make sense to me. Of all opiates, Fentanyl is one of the meds that stays in your system for a length of time. I'm sure that writing to Mylan will not help you. They stand by there product as do I. I have never..ever had a problem with them.

In regards to the tape, It states in the instructions NOT top cover the patch completely. You may use PAPER tape because it lets the patch breath but that is all. The instructions will tell you this. Covering the patch with thick adhesive will make the medicine pour into your blood stream by letting it get too warm because your skin cannot breath. Only paper tape........

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The pain clinic will not retest but you can ask your regular doctor to do a retest for your records:)
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I am a chronic pain sufferer who has been on 50 mg fentanyl patch for about 3 years.  I never miss a day without my patches, and I cover them with heavy duty bandages.  Depending on the patch I normally need three bandages to cover it properly.  I recently talked my VA Health care clinic to provide me with patches and that saved me a bunch of money on my my wife's health care.  Well the first thing they did was drug test me.  The even tested me before I started using the patches used by the VA and guess what.  I failed the test.  I tested positive for opiates  but I figured that was the hydrocodon I use as a break through drug.  Which I use about one pill per day to sleep.
I have tried to get the VA to retest me and they refuse, I have even gone to the patient advocate and he was not able to do me any good.  
I also have a heart condition and use a bunch of diuretics which a druggist has told me could cause for a false reading as could several of the other medications I take for several other medical issues.  I was very lucky that me previous pain doctor was open minded and trusted me enough to know I was using the drugs as prescribed. So I still can get my drugs and don't have to worry about going through a painful detoxification.  
I am wondering if there is anyone on this list who might offer suggestions on how to prove to the VA that I was taking the taking the drugs as prescribed and that I am not abusing my drugs.  I don't like being called a lair.  Whats next are they going to say I am not using my insulin properly because my blood sugar levels keep going up even though I am eating right and and taking all of my medications correctly.    I need your help...

Bubba John
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Hi there,
The lab should still have the urine.  You coul ask them to retest it and tell them you will pay for it.  I am not really sure what it is you are saying the problem was.  If something was not in your system that should have been ask them what your creatine level was.  I know a bit about drug testing as for about 2 years I was in charge of drug testing and learned alot.  Let me know if i am not understanding your question and I will help you more.
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You said you saved the patches some "still have stuff in them."  Then you said you might write the manufacturer, Mylan, about the failed test.  The Mylan patches do not have gel in them.
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