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Failed drug test while in pain management

I have Fibromyalgia as well as Psoriatic Arthritis and Thyroid Disease. I have been going to this Pain Clinic for about three years. I am 66 and go to pain clinic for great debilitating pain . For over 25 years I have Never failed a drug test until this month. I developed severe vertigo and dug out a very old prescription of Valium that I had and took only 1 about a week before I went to the Dr. I was informed of it this week at my visit for my regular med refill. Belbucca. While there they took another urine test and I had also taken one of my remaining Valium a week or so for my vertigoio. Not realized get it was a
problem. Anyway, if this second test comes back positive what can they do to me? Basically what are my options please!
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Hi linda.  I'm sorry about this situation.  They rule those clinics with an iron fist and often make patients sign a contract.  Did you sign a pain management contract? If so, still have a copy?   What often happens is that you could be denied your medication or dismissed as a patient.  I hope that doesn't happen. Taking valium from an old prescription.  This is your old prescription?  Have the bottle with your name on it?  That may help a little but there is often a clause in those contracts that state you can't take controlled meds from any other source than them.  And so you failed one urine test, then took another one how long after?  Did you tell them about the valium up front when you failed the first?  They are trying to protect you from addiction but also themselves. So, self medicating is not allowed.  But perhaps you can make it clear what exactly the situation is.  Especially with 25 years in a situation of taking drug tests and three years being a good patient for them.

What is causing the vertigo by the way?
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Unfortunately, you likely will be dismissed and perhaps reported to your primary and pharmacy and insurance.
Even old prescriptions once prescribed to you qualify as self medicating if they are not currently being prescribed by your doctor.
This will make getting any scheduled medication very difficult to obtain.
We, as patients need to be sure if something changes, or there are other medical conditions you are being treated for, that the pain management doctor approves those in advance.
The really big problem I see is that there will be two consecutive tests where a medication not currently being prescribed will turn up.  These tests use thresholds (levels) to detect the presences of drugs/medications. Taking a medication only once a week or so before the test is rather unlikely to show positive as the levels would likely be too low. Are you sure you only took it once each time? How close to the day of testing was it that you took the Valium?
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I wanted to see how you are doing. This forum is anonymous so you can always share and talk here.  How did this turn out? Was thinking of you and hope you are okay.
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