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Failed test at pain clinic

I have been a patient at this clinic for 2+ years and never had any failed tests. Prior to that my family Dr was doing her best and I was with her for 5 years and no failed tests. They said I had 136 nanograms of Morphine in my system and honestly I have never taken anything not prescribed to me. If I indeed did take the Morphine I would’ve owned up to it. I rely on these prescriptions to keep me functioning and employed. This is not good and I’m obviously scared
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Chuck, what type of meds do you take? What type of testing was done? Gas chromatography/mass spec looks specifically at the metabolites of a medication and levels of them. In office screens however can cause false negatives and positives, depending on the type of screen done. These are usually sent out for confirmation and specific levels.
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It was Fentanyl 50mcg/hr and Roxicodone 10 mg 4 x day. I know it was the Gas chromatography/mass spec. I literally found out a couple weeks ago what happened. Seems a friend at work gave me some what he thought was sinus pills. Well guess what? It was morphine not sinus medicine. This is on me for not verifying what I was taking. It’s a long story but I might have another pain management Dr that will work with me.
I hope you were able to find another pain management doctor.
As you learned the hard way, never take anything given to you by a friend.
Despite their best intentions, we, as pain patients are always under intense scrutiny, and we are susceptible to testing and or pill counts at any time, so we have to extra vigilant in regards to anything we take.
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