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False Negative Hydrocodone Testing

My 77 year old mother has been using Hydrocodone APAP 10/325 or 10/500mg for many years to take the edge off of severe RA. Her dosage is 1/1 PO TID which she has been very compliant and adheres to faithfully.  During her last lab visit her M.D. had ordered a UDS along with the other labs. Her anxiolytic medication XANAX came back pusitive yet her opiate panel came back clean.  This is impossible as I watch her take this medication along with all the others she is on, I have years of experience knowing when someone is cheeking or hiding their meds under their tongue as I was with the Dept. of Corrections in my state for several years.  Since this negative result on this lab her M.D. cut her off her pain regimen with the exception of Ultracet & Gabapentin (Neurontin) both which are totally useless for this pain.   She had recently been on prednisone and several antibiotics for upper-respiratory infections prior to the labs and I am at a loss for why this drug did not show.
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That is CRAZY that her doctor took her off of her medication--with her severe RA! Wow. Can you find her another doctor? I know it's easier said than done, but she should not have to suffer!

Seriously, at 77 years old, you should be able to not have to worry about pain control. WHAT is this world coming to? Please, find another doctor to treat her!


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Can she ask to be tested again?
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