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False Negative drug test

I am in utter disbelief.  Just left my pain management Dr (for the last 3 months have been seeing a nurse practioner) not my regular doctor.  First of all the PA comes in and says you look worried.  What a thing to say as I am just waiting.  The PA then proceeds to tell me that they can no longer see me as my drug test came back negative.  I take my prescription on a regular basis.  I have been on an antibiotic now for 2 months and mentioned that and they did not care.  I have been hospitalized twice in the last 3 months with an infection in my finger.

I do not know what to do, how will I get a new Dr with a negative test result.  I have had two coccygectomys and have been left in horrible pain.  I have been taking The lowest strength of percocet.

I cannot believe that this test came back negative and will now dictate me finding a new pain management doctor.
I tried to explain to the Dr that this cannot be, but he did not listen or care.

Does anyone have any advice on how to proceed?
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How regularly are you taking the Percocet? Is it prescribed as (example-5 mg tab as NEEDED ) Or is it prescribed as 5 mg tab every -4-6 hours? And how frequently are you taking it?
That is going to matter when it comes to compliance testing results.
If you are only taking it and it is prescribed to only be taken occasionally as NEEDED and not on a regular schedule then - depending on the last time you took it and how often over the previous days you took it- it is possible to have a negative result.
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I am prescribed 4 a day which is what I take.  Sometimes 3.5 day
I have made an appt to see my pain management dr tomorrow instead of his PA.  I am going to ask him why he will not be seeing me anymore and his advice on what to do.  Supposedly my urine test came out negative.

Just wanted to get someone’s opinion on this and any advice.
What was the outcome? Did you get to meet with your doctor?
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