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False negative for morphine and false negative for xanax

I just had a pain management appointment at my PC doc. He said I tested positive for morphine and negative for xanax. I take 1-2 ,25mg xanax a day-prescribed by him for anxiety. He referred me to pain management and that Dr prescribed me 15 mg Amrix and 50 mg Nucynta ER a day. He said the morphine is not from the Nucynta and that I must not be taking the Xanax or Nucynta that neither one of them showed up. I am not taking Morphine of any kind. I took a Xanax and a Nucynta 3 hours before this appointment. I also take Nasonex, Allegra, Ranitidine, Liver Support  by 1 Body and also rarely Afrin for Spring allergies. I just finished a 5 day Prednisone pack for inflamed muscles in neck from degenerative discs Just recently diagnosed with Hep C. I am now left out on a limb and being treated like I am a liar and a drug addict. What would give me a false positive for morphine and a false negative for xanax?  I feel like they messed up the test and it is someone else's. Been in panic attack mode since talking to him today and only have 4 xanax left.This test was done 2 weeks ago and he just called me today and said he will not give me any more xanax because I tested negative for them. I swear I am not taking anything but my prescribed medicines and he knows of all over the counter ones.
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I meant title to read "False positive for morphine" and can't find an edit post button. Sorry, guess this is stressing me out on top of my pain. I wanted to add that I feel my neck and spine issues are finally being addressed by the new pain doc after being told nothing was wrong with me for years.
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I'm  sure you are very stressed. These tests are not 100% accurate. I've read so many stories like yours. I think Drs should be required to take a seminar or something on drug testing.
In my opinion, he should have called you the minute he got your test back so you could be retested.
I'm wondering if the Xanax didn't show up because it's such a small dose?
Do your research on false positives, print it out if possible and take it to your Dr to read.
I absolutely believe you're taking your meds as prescribed and there's no doubt a mistake was made.
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