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Favorite Holiday Memory or Tradition?

Hello Members,

The Holidays are upon us. I know we are all dealing with Chronic Pain - and it does not take a holiday. I found my traditional holidays activities to be too much for me to continue some years back. I no longer have family groups of 25-30 people in our home for dinners and celebrations. I so miss those days. Sadly to continue to hold these gathers only brought me pain - and it certainly couldn't have been fun for those I love.

Now we live far from family and friends. All the beloved holiday traditions are gone. However I am left with some awesome memories that this pain can never take from me. I still share this time with my soul-mate and keep in close contact with family and friends. Christmas lives in my heart - right where I keep those awesome memories and the ppl I love.

I hope you'll feel free to share some Holiday Memories or favorite traditions here. If have an interest in sharing - so will I. I look forward to hearing from you all.

Happy Holiday (((HUGS))),
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Hi Tuck!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!!!

My VERY FAVORITE memory was going over to my Parents house every Christmas Eve for my Mom's Homemade Chili AND opening Christmas Presents. After that we'd go to the Christmas Eve Church Service.  

Then the next morning around 6:00am, my Parents would come over to our house to open the presents that SANTA brought for the kids.  Then we'd have our Christmas dinner and just enjoy each other's company for the entire day until they went home that nite after "1 more piece of pumpkin pie"!  LOL!    What I wouldn't give for just ONE MORE chance to do that again.  :(

Thanks Tuck, for allowing us to remember the wonderful times we used to have and now being able to make NEW ones with our remaining Family.   :)

                             ..............      Sherry    :)
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You're Welcome Sherry! Memories warm out souls!

I've given this a lot of thought. It's very difficult for me to select just one memory or tradition. That's a good thing! :o) I've given up in selecting one - I'm sharing a few of my favorite memories.

When I was a little girl - a hundred year ago - my mother would cook a big turkey and make all the trimmings. She made thee best pie crusts I've ever tasted - she did not pass that knack on to her daughter (me). Grandma would come, bearing gifts and long hugs and kisses. We'd open gifts early morning and attend Church services. We laughed, sang and ate.

Grandma made clothes for our dolls. So not only did we usually get a new doll - we received an entire wardrobe - for old and new dolls. There was always a special dress made by Grandma and to be worn only to Sunday School or Church. My Mom sang like a Nightingale so our Holidays we filled with song and music! Mom would say, "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord" - and we did!

Of course in the years past those early memories I began to hold the family Celebrations - and carry on the traditions. With my marriage came my husband's traditions. He always had Oyster Stew on Christmas Eve - so has become my tradition. In his family Christmas was celebrated on Christmas Eve (nurses work most holidays, his mom and I). My sons heard and participated in making a joyful noise; music and food filled our holidays. We read the Christmas Story (from the Book of Luke) every year - and I use to watch my small sons eagerly await Santa.

I cannot chose a specific great memory, even between my Christmas as a child - or the Christmas traditions we've carried into adulthood. The one  theme and always abundant was the celebration of the birth of our Jesus. Our Christmas was filled with the celebration of Christ and family - in yesterdays and today.

If you are not Christian I am sure your Holiday memories and traditions  were/are just as special. Unless you are an atheist it's my belief we pray to the same God, we just call Him by different names.

Where ever you are - whatever your beliefs - I wish you Blessings, Peace and Joy!

Warm Wishes,
My  Dearest Friend,
That reminded me about 1 particular Christmas when I was about 8 yrs. old and had a very special doll that my mom took & completely refurbished, made clothes, as your Grandma did, even replaced the hair on the doll and turned her from a blonde to a red head.  :)  I remember it so clearly walking in Christmas morning and seeing her under the tree!  What a thrill!  
Thanks so much again for the opportunity to reminisce, yet once again.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and now hope you all have a VERY Happy New Year!!!

Best wishes to all......Sherry  :)
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Happy Holidays -  Merry Christmas - Happy Hanukkah!

Whatever your Faith - I wish you all the the Magic of the Season - and the Brightest and Happiest of Festivals and of course, Blessings!

Warm Wishes,
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Merry Christmas, I just saw this and wanted to add my favorite memory.
We children would go to bed, my parents would completely decorate the Christmas tree as we slept, they would put out all the Santa gifts.

In the morning, we all put our robes and slippers on (which we never wore any other time) and waited for my Dad to go down and turn on the lights.

We children would go down the steps and enter a children's Christmas Wonderland of color and lights and presents.

It is the most valuable memory I have.  My Mom later told me that there were mornings where they would just be getting into bed, after decorating the tree and putting presents together, when we would run to their room so we could go down stairs.  I love those memories and appreciate everything they did to make our day so magical.

Thank you for asking. Dee
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Thanks so much for sharing your special childhood memory. How wonderful. It's so heart warming!  

I've seen this on TV - where parents put the tree up and wrap gifts on Christmas Eve. I wondered if that was really true. It seemed like so much work for one night. You've answered my unasked question. Ppl really did do that.

I wonder if it's still done.

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Isn't it strange how something will trigger an old memory? I'm glad I was able to do that for you - and again thanks for sharing.

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