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Fentanyl levels

My doctor said my fentanyl levels are too high. If anthing they should be low because sometimes I forget to change my patch as often as I should. When I started using the patch my MD said put the new patch on in PM and then the old patch off the next AM. Since I started going to a pain specialist I noticed the label said to take old patch off before putting new patch on, so I'm thinking that's the reason why I am high? Any insight, suggestions?
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Hello Soifab,

Welcome to the Pain Mangement Forum. I am glad that you found us on MedHelp.

Mollyrae and Geminigirl, in my opinion have given the correct information. I have heard other ppl say that their physician also told them to leave the old one on for a few hours. However when I was on the Fentanyl Patch the instructions from my physician were the same as on the insert. Remove the old patch just before you apply the new one.

A small amount of medication may remain on the "old patch" which would most likely explain your higher than expected fentanyl levels.

I would certainly discuss this with your new PMP. He should be made aware of what your former MD instructed you to do...and actually what you are or were doing. If you are unable to contact your PMP right away you should contact your pharmacist before you change anything that you are doing.  But don't hesitate to do so. I'd make that call today.

Best of luck.

Take Care,
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Hello soifab:

My, you should remove the old Patch immediately after putting the new one on. I'm suprised that your Doctor told you this. The insert included in the box will tell you to remove the old Patch immediatly after putting the new one on. This is why your levels are high.

MollyraeWhat you are doing could be potentially dangerous. Please read the inset provided with your Patches.

My best,
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Sorry for the mis-print. The name Mollyrae should not be included in the comment in the second paragraph
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Applying your new patch without removing the old one most definitely could be causing your levels to be too high - just because "it is time" to change the patch according to your prescription instructions, it doesn't mean there is no more medication left in the old patch, so therefore your body most likely is absorbing the medication from both patches.  When I was on the patches, I always removed the old patch before I even opened the packaging on the new patch.

Most definitely do NOT leave the old patch on when you put the new one on - you've been lucky so far, doing so could possibly lead to an accidental overdose.

Best of luck,
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